Stage Drama Industry in Pakistan

Stage Drama- When I said that I am going to see stage drama. Every one looking shocked. Because today stage is not serious stage. It kidnaped by those peoples who only want to earn money. This stage is for them only the source if income. Its respect and honor nothing is mean to them. They use all those things to make ordnance which is not accept in our society or you can say not liked in our society.

Talented Actors

We have very talented actors who performed in stage. But they worked in compulsion. Because they have to run their houses with the income that they earn from the stage. When these actors performed in other countries they won the stage. And every body liked them. Most of them are very talented. Even though most of them have no professional degrees but have life experienced. They spend life as a experience. In their word we can see the experience. They write and direct a stage drama.

This is not only their fault that they does not write good drama but it is also the fault of ordnance. They want to see these dancers in the stage. Dance is not a bad thing. It is an art. And everybody cant learn it. It is selected person who learn teach and performed it. Unfortunately we have not many dance academies. We have few peoples who take this art seriously. Rear names we have.

Stage Dancers in Pakistan

So in this condition stage dancers destroyed the art of dance. They used stage for destroy the art of dance. And now the picture is not clear. Most of the people hates the word dance and also does not like dancers. Serious theater changed in stage drama. Ajo ka theater Fiaz Ahmed theater has disappeared now only stage drams appear where the message of art disappear. Only foolish dialogues and foolish sight exist.

Most of audience uneducated and in depression. They fed-up with his daily routine. So they come and liked that foolish comedy which performed by actors. And liked that songs and dance performance. They only want to enjoy no matter what is he listen and see is right or wrong. That’s why the audience of stage dramas are not educated. Families does not like to came for see the stage dramas.

Real Comedy of Stages

We have many respectful name in comedy. They spend their whole life to perform like

  1. Rangeela
  2. Nanha
  3. Munver Zareef Lahri
  4. Ali Ijaz etc. They are real comedian. They are not only performed in cinema screen but also performed in theater. We also have serious theaters but few.

These theaters work in under the difficult condition. Because they have not enough ordnance for service. They cant afford their own expenditures. They cant pay actors so their work is in limited. In other the professional actors of stage that worked now a days earn well. They can afford all their expense. They performed in many dramas and these dramas have no story and no subject. Only vulgarity is seen.

Money by Hook and Crook

No dialogue no plot no theme. But only make money by hook and crock. This is our society ‘s fault to stop the serious theater. The sensor board is exist but they allow all the things because they also need money. In other words the theater the drama the comedy is that things which we lost This is not art this is only the art of money.

Increasing income not the increasing position. Govt is also responsible. The government does not promote art. They have no policies about the art and actors not only stage or theater but all kind of entertainment industries. That’s why we failed. Nobody take it serious and nobody adopt this industry. If this happened all the time the theater is going to be end. And we destroy it.

Our Responsibilities

So we have to be recognized our responsibilities. Not only blame the actors also understand the problems of them . and then make the policies. We have to invite the serious audience and give them confidence that they go to see drams with their families without any hesitation. It is important for our culture. Many peoples belong to this industry. They have right to earn Make them confident to work hard to achieve the goals and the government is responsible for all its right. Then we change the environment.

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Respect the Poor People they deserve it

Do you believe that a poor man have respect. Any body trust him. His friends his family any body. The answer is NO A BIG BIG NO nobody trust him. This is true a bitter truth of life. If you have money in your pocket. A luxury car u have. You wear branded suit . Everyone give you respect you insult them you have no way of talk you are fool  but if you have money you are all in all. You look intelligent you look smart. You talk foolish but nobody mind.

Exploited Children

Your exploited children looks innocent to all. This is the miracle of money you have in your pocket. Every one interduce you he is my cousin he belong by whom to whom. They interfused their selves. Sir do you recognized me we met their or their or their.

A big truth of Society

This is the very big truth of our society. Even though parents behavior changed. One child earn much and another so so. Parents love their those children who have money. Sisters and brothers behavior changed. Nobody want to meet needy relatives. May be the poor one asked for help. If the poor person take care someone the other said he want help or something else. In functions of family first of all they forget to invite the needy person and if they invite their behavior is pain full.

What they gave?

They give him chair in the last row with their family. Every one pass the smile but nobody sit near them. The poor dead in their selves they felt all the behaviors of others. But do not talk anybody because if they say something the family who invite them say look they are jealous.


They had no manners. Is money is every thing. Feelings self respect of poor man is not important. That’s why our low standard relatives feels money is every thing.  Do you realize you sad others. Maybe, he hurt and Allah listen to him very closely then what you should do. Every thing is in God’s will. He said KUN means do and every thing is done.

May be God give them a lot what should you do. Please respect others although he rich or poor. You broken hearts to the other by your actions. God know every thing. And God listen quickly if the heart broken or hurtled soul. I saw many people dont bother it they hurt others by their one sentence or one act.
    Every soul made by God. God give mind and heart. Do you think God liked it. God says helped the neediest. Take care of others. Other side we are Muslims belong to Islam. Islam does not like divisions. Islam says every one equal nobody better then others. Namaz is the example .


In Ramzan every Muslims take fast in the same time. In haj every one insane dress named Ahram. A white piece of cloth. Then who we are to make divisions. Help others love others. This is our duty given by God and Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him.
Allah is every where. God is in their people. Respect others.

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Informatics About Pakistan 2020 –

Our Beloved Country Pakistan – We are Pakistani and we love Pakistan more then anything. Pakistan is very very beautiful country. We got our independence in 14th August 1947. Pakistan is in the list of under developed countries. But not that level of poorness it has that other countries have. We have all the sources that developed countries have. Pakistan is a super power. We have all the facilities that rich countries have. We have very smart sea ports.


We trade with all countries. Pakistan have big sea port. We develop our ship industry. We take handsome amount of rent from the ships standing in our port. Karachi port is a main sea port but now Gwadar is another port of Pakistan. When the plane of sea pack is completed The port of Gwadar played very important role in the economy of Pakistan. The project of Gwadar make the Gwadar little Dubai.

Tourism of Beloved Country Pakistan

As you know, Tourist come to our country and tourism make another industry. Tourism give job to common peoples. Foreign funding raise by tourism.
This is only Gwadar port development . Many Industries start factories and people have jobs. Pakistan grow very fast.

IT Field

        Most importantly, In the field of IT. Their are many achievements happened. The IT industry make important role in the development of any country. We have many private and government universities and colleges of IT. Our students play important role for their country. Many telecommunication companies work in Pakistan Jaz zong Telenor etc.….Now a days every common man avail the facility of tele communication. Every village small era or city have this facility of net and communication. In U tube many u tuber users belong to small acres of Pakistan and through IT he earn money from u tube. Infract This is a big fact that common peoples also understand the important of this.


    Another side more industries work in Pakistan. The big industry of Tobacco. That industry provide a handsome amount of tax to the govt of Pakistan and the cotton industry also a big industry. Many Pakistani belong to this industry. We export our grey cloth and it is very famous all over the world. Now a days Pakistan developed their industries import export business.
     We have many commercial banks .They make important role in the economy of Pakistan. The bank give awareness to the people to how you do your business give them short term and lo g term loans. These banks increase the income of country. Now peoples trained and educated. Their performance is very good They understand the policies of bank now. This is good sign of developed country.


      Firstly, Pakistan is a agricultural country and without it our country is not developed. As you know, when Pakistan came in to being we have not agricultural facilities. Our  Farmer is very poor he has not money to purchase seeds urea and machinery. Now govt give them education to how farmer have modern facilities. We have two crops in a year rabbi and kharif. Our villagers know how they get loans from banks and how they make their fields grow in good situations.
  At last, We have five rivers in our country Sindh Sutlej Chenab Ravi Jhelum.

Four Provinces

Four provinces Punjab Sindh Baluchistan and Khabur Pakhton Khowa. We have very rich culture. All the provinces have their own mother language In Punjab Punjabi is mother language In Sindh Sindhi. In Baluchistan Baluchi and in KPK pashto. But Seriky Hindko and Hazarvi language are also include in our culture. They wear different kinds of cloth which recognized them that who they are. When we saw we suddenly recognize that they belong to Punjab or any other province.

Food and Taste

Their foods are different in taste. In Punjab Serson ka Saag Makie ki roti is very popular dish. Punjabi eat very spicy good like pai Hereisa etc.…. In Punjab peoples are very loud and very lovely .Punjab have very rich culture. In Lahore many colleges schools and universities give their best to testudines. Punjab university one of the best university in Pakistan.

Theater & Art

Al-Hamra theater situated in Lahore. Theater activities are very popular. Ajo ka theater is big example of theater activities. Film industry also work very well. Lollywood is well known name. Many stars work here and give Lollywood to their best. Our films participated in film word festivals our films get many awards from their. Our many stars work in Bollywood and holy wood. And they recognize as a Pakistani stars. Most stars win award from their. It is honorable people of Pakistan.


In Lahore big malls and markets have any things that you want to buy. Laborie’s are very friendly and like food very much. They like to eat every time. Gujranwala is the city of Pehlwans. They also like to eat every time.


Faisalabad is one of the important city. Textile industry played important part in the economy of Pakistan .we export all the items belong to textile industry. Three grey clothes looms raw material like cotton etc..
In Faisalabad many mills work for Textile industry. Peoples of world compare Faisalabad to New York.


Multan is also the important city. The language of Multan is seriky. Seriky known as a sweet language. Mangoes are the most popular fruit that grow mostly in Multan. We export the very good quality mangoes all over the worlds. They are very sweet and yummy every one like to eat mangoes Mango known the king of all fruits. Punjab is a big province as a population. Their cultural dance is bhangra. Bhangra play with dhool and Sirike dance is jhomer it also played with dhool. But both dances played with different beats. This is the culture. The education rate is very high in Punjab.

Karachi – Sindh

Sindh another province of Pakistan .Karachi is the big city of Sindh and from this city Pakistan economy runs. Most the business run in Karachi Karachi is small Pakistan because many people of every area of Pakistan came here and live here. Many language are available in Karachi . Sindhi Punjabi Pushto Marwari Balochi Siriky etc.

Karachi University

Karachi university is a very big and important in all over the Pakistan. Many foreigners study their. Karachi have beaches very beautiful beaches sea view Hawks bay minora kemari and sandspit. Sea port also situated in Karachi. International air port big railway station and also big system of transport. That travel all over to Pakistan.

Education Infrastructure of Karachi

Karachi have many school colleges and universities etc.…. Sindh have very rich culture. Students study in Sindhi language but if they want not compulsory. Many sites for tourists. Like Mukly ka qabrustan that Mohenjo-Daro etc.… Sekhar Hyderabad Khairpur Baden Larkana are important cities of Sindh. Many forts situated their. People go their not for just enjoyment but also for knowledge.

Minorities of Sindh

In Sindh Hindu’s community have strong position. Many Hindus live in Sindh. They are educated business man and doctors etc. are very happy and proud to be Pakistani. They are free to fulfills their religions activities. Many mandir situated in Sindh. They free to celebrates their occasions like holly etc.

Sindh have their own culture their peoples are brave and friendly. Quaid e as am born in Karachi .Their tomb is also in Karachi he get their early education from Karachi .He get their degree as a layer from Karachi. Their home is open for tourists Karachi is a main bone of Pakistan. That’s why Sindh displayed important role for Pakistan.

KPK Province

KPK is small province in population its area is big but have small populated area. People of KPK is brave. They love guns. Most of the area is underdeveloped Their language is Pushto Their Peoples are very beautiful. Now govt make many policies for the development of KPK. Many schools open their . Teachers teach the students. Colleges start their education .

Many poet belong to KPK. Their peoples are handworkers. KPK has Gomel university. Students from Sargodha Daria Gazi khan and Daria Ismael khan come for study. Trible area belong to KPK. Their people is music lover they love music. In Trible area have their own rules and regulations. Mingora’s literacy rate is high from another Trible area of KPK. Many natural sites situated their.

Food of KPK

If you want to see beautiful views then go to KPK. Their favorite dish is beef and sorbet.
Their favorite drink is Kehwa. In Peshawar salt mundi is very famous for tasty food .They love Kalbi polao salty roast and Rosh. They are not like spices. They love dry fruits because they easily available.
In Punjab weather is hot but winter is good. Sindh is hot but KPK have beautiful weather not so hot and not so cold. Many political leader belong to KPK. People of KPK are friendly.

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