Result and Friendships for Young Age

Result – Today the matriculation result of my son announced. By the grace of God he passed his matriculation. He was so excited. At 5 o clock the result announced. He saw result at the site of government board. Being a mother and father we both were so worried. He perform his paper but due to disease his practices were not done.

So we do not know what happen. But he clear the exam. We are happy. Their friends also clear the exam but one of his friend have supply in two papers. He was very sad. Their all friends promote but he is not. But this us life Mishaps comes and life gone in its speed. He repeated and give supplementary exam inshaALLAH he will pass the exam.

The First Step of life

Matric is first step of life. Now successful students go to college. College is second step. Now admissions opened. Students take admission. Some is go for FSC some for ICS some for simple fa and some for I-com. When they enter in college they enjoyed college life. But does not forget school life. They always remembered. But life always changed. Step y step. This is the reality of life.
   Today some students are happy and they make plans every body wished them. They have many dreams in their eyes. And they plane how they get admission in college. A list of colleges make in their minds. New bag new uniform new friends and new teachers waiting for them. And those who cant passed the exams are worried about their future. But dont worry one day you win the task. Don’t get dishearten next time work hard and have a successful life. Best of luck


The most expensive relation is friendship. All relation we have is natural. Brother sister mother father and others but friendship is the relation of heart. We  make friends by heart. We have no blood or cast relation with friends. Whom we like most and whom understand  we make him or her friend. In childhood this friendship relation is so sweat. In those days so clear tractions we have with our friends. We fight argue and agree but still we are friends. In friendship we always take care of each other.
   We never forget the childhood friends. Those days we were so innocent. Paly and fight. These were the two aims of life. At night we fight and in morning forget all the things. Life was so beautiful. But now we grow up. We make new friends but old is gold. We never forget them. Some sentences some games and some events .

Good Time We Spend

Always remember good time we spend with our friends. When we were in class teacher thought the class and pin drop silence was in the class room. But we talk in writing. I still have those pages. Those friendship band. Make for each other with colorful threads. When we give to each other we all are is happy and we think that those friendship bands are so expensive. Those opinion books in which we always spoke truth. Was that truth is good or bad for ourselves. But truth was truth. No hidden feelings all the things were clear, no double crossing, no cheating and we were happy by heart. Make decision by heart not with mind.

What is good or bad not exist in mind. Always think good and do good for each other. Help each other.

After We Grow Up

Always remembered. Now we grown up understand all the relations. But not to get satisfied because our friendship is not real. We met each other for our desires. Not for friendship. We give positions to people for our requirement. We are mean people. Real friendship is disappear. why we lost this precious thing from our lives. This materialistic world change our thinking. We changed our thoughts and forget the role of friendship. We lost love and happiness. That’s why depression is common in our lives. All the peoples worried about their future.

A Friend in need is a Friend indeed

Always think about our selves not for others. If a friend or other or in some difficulty we dont help them but feel satisfied in our selves. And think that we are not in that  difficulty even it not happened to us . These things forget us all the good feelings. So get rid of these thinking love human beings make friends share all your feelings and happiness with them. This world is become beautiful. Try it.

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Thoughts of a Mother

Thoughts of a Mother – Today i start to write something I dont know what but I know why because of my son I want to walk with him in his struggles I  want to walk with him.

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   I am a house wife and love my home my children. I always try to stand with them. They are my life. When i studied i am a good student. I enjoyed every thing in my life. School college friends and all things. I studied in Govt Premier college. One of the best college in Karachi. In this stage we have many dreams. We want to  start our careers as a business man but tragedy is this that we are girls not man .That’s why we all start our lives as a house wives.
        But we are happy to our lives . Now I think how stupid we are at that time. Basically we are dreamers but the dreams come true when we think positive .Positivity is the key of success. Always think positive Allah almighty help you in every task of life.

In 2020

In 2020 corona comes in our lives. When we listen about it we all afraid .But we all stand for fighting to against corona. Now we are not afraid because we struggle to get rid to this disease . Many people face it . Their lives are in trouble in every way They cant eat because they have no money no jobs but in this era many peoples have a lot of money In all grocery shops they purchase many thing even throw these thing necessary or not but they buy.

Detailed Information

     These peoples not think about other peoples Especially white collar peoples. These white colors peoples are not begged because of their ego or self respect. Most poor people take food and other important things from other. But middle class very needy and nobody think about it. I know many teachers they have no salaries no tuitions and they have to pay rent The owners of their houses threat them. In many places they go to for job but they have not.
     Just like that many industries closed and their labor comes in roads. Even Govt make announce many loans and facilities but most of the middle class educated persons not avail these loans and facilities. It is very sad

LOCK DOWN – Thoughts of a Mother

        We always think lockdown mean is every thing will be closed. Markets ,offices, schools , govt office , industries even though doctors etc.….
But now days govt tells us many kinds of lockdowns total lock down, smart lock down etc. ….. People always discuses about them but nobody exactly know what kind of lock down we have?

Many workers go to their jobs by black mailing of their bosses They threat them if you are not come to job then quit and in this situation no job available If they job less their childes go to in tough situation They are not full fill their basic needs.

Industry Owners

The owners of industries and business not give their workers full pay Half pays give to their employs and threat them The worker even in the post of managers and teachers who is in respectful positions black mailed by their owners. Govt may be know it and even they know but not to noticed. Peoples are in mentally torchers situation. Govt says every thing is perfect in all shit lockdowns.

About Pakistani Government

      Govt is free from all the difficulties that common people face. How selfish is it They always speech in media all is good. We are the govt of success Some time I want to laugh loudly in front of govt. They cant understand the problems of common people. Our Prime minister and their officers their cabinet What kind of people they are ?Actually they are not belong to us they live abroad They cant live simple lives how can they understand the difficulties of common peoples HOW sad it is. Smart lock down is perfect solution of this situation now a days we face. This is sad to say who help us I think nobody we have to help by our selves. For jobs for good life and good health. God help us if we help by our selves. That’s how Thoughts of a Mother is in daily life.

Current Condition

       Now lock down is end people go to their jobs  some with sop’s and many people without sop’s Lets hope with goodness Corona doesn’t know the kinds of lockdowns Corona is not finish it is in our surroundings Many people not accept it that corona is existed They said where is corona we cant see it. We beg to the people please live with sop’s wash your hands use sanitizers social distancing It is not joke Our govt misguide the common man to tell them that corona is just a flu dont bother it Doctors teach that please be serious Govt said Doctors not to worry.

14th August – Thoughts of a Mother

Today is our independence day Pakistan came into being 14th august 1947
Our beloved country. We love our country. Pakistan means LAILAH ILALA. The founder of Pakistan is Quaid e AZAM . He is s great leader Leader of all the Pakistanis He did great job. First he joined congress but later on he feels that this path is not good for Muslims and Muslims does not complete their wishes. Then he joined Muslim league and work for the Muslims. Allam Iqbal is not only the poet he delivered “Two Nation Theory” .


He told peoples for another country where the Muslims lived and spend their lives according Islam Sir Syed Ahmed khan another great leader of Tehrik e Pakistan He did a lot for Muslims East India company ruled in Asia and Hindus with them In 1947 they both understand that Muslims take their place and make an Independ country From this country they save their Religion their lives and Generation. By the grace of Almighty in 14th august 1947 Pakistan came into being in this word .Pakistan is exist in the name of Islam Muslim countries welcomed .Hindus live in separate path .India always hate Pakistan and Pakistanis. Kashmir is the example.

Muslim British

Many areas that belong to Muslims British rulers gave to India. Pakistan face many problem in its growing situation. People were very poor. Their were no system at all. But Quaid AZAM as a governor kernel and Liaqat Ali khan as a first prime minister full fill their duties by heart and soul. They both were very hard workers they work day and night.

Proud Pakistani

We proud as a Pakistani may God our country live ever and we served it by our heart and soul Many people give their lives for Pakistan These people always alive in our hearts. Their work for Pakistan and for our nation is remarkable Now we are super power Nobody touch our borders Our soldiers always stand active in borders Our air force is the best force of word. We proud of them Love for them Long live Pakistan.
all they only want to come in media. That was the Thoughts of a Mother.

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