Resident Information about Rahim Yar Khan

Rahim Yar khan – When I came Rahim Yar khan from Karachi. Karachi is a big city. Rahim yar khan is a small city. But my second love is Rahim yar khan. I spend my very expensive time in this city. My two sons born here.I love this city.


      Rahim Yar khan is situated in south Punjab.  Nawab Sadiq is its founder. Its name Rahim Yar khan is the name of his son. Rahim Yar khan is a deserted area. It is the part of Cholistan. It is attached with border of India. When we go to desert we can see the border. People of Pakistan and India easily visit both of the countries village. Small villages situated in desert. Even their language and dresses are common we cant recognized either he is Indian or Pakistani. They both attend the festivals of each others.


Many languages spoke here. Mostly Punjabi and Saraiki. Urdu and Sindhi is also  common but Saraiki is its main language. Many words of Saraiki and Sindhi’s are common. Saraiki is very sweat language.

Traditional Dress

Most of the people wear shalwar kameez which is also our national dress. People of Cholistan recognized by their dresses. They wear big shalwar and Turban at their heads. Turban is the big piece of cloth that wear around the head. Mostly Ajrak is used by Women wear Ghagra and kurta and used many bangles in their arms from shoulder to hand. Usually the women are in Ghungat. In city people wear shalwar kameez paint shirts and women wear all type of dresses which mostly liked Muslim women.

Famous Colors

The Cholistan people used traditional colors. Bright and loud like orange shocking green and maroon etc..

Living standard

Rahim Yar khan is a rich city. Their living standard is high. Most peoples have their own houses. Very rear people live in rented houses. Mostly peoples have their own business. Many peoples belong to agriculture. Pesticide business are popular. All the banks work hear. So the people have jobs in banking side. All the telecommunication companies worked here. 

We have all the brands in Rahim Yar khan. Nishat khadi bonanza oxford gull Ahmed etc. Many outlets of rich brands work here. The peoples are modern .Most of the peoples have all the needs. They like bikes but you can see all types of cars their. Most common and most expensive both varieties are available. Their are mostly big houses build.


Hoteling is common in here. People like to go out side and eat. They enjoy their lives.
We have many modern hotels in Rahim Yar khan .In side and out sides both facilities are available. If you want to conduct conferences and business dinners you have all the facilities. KFC and Almeda is available. Variety of traditional food and fast food is available. Café Lamiz, Café D’Bono , Canal country club,  Pizza Town, Hot chicks etc.. Are the good points many others work here and they worked fabulous. All types of ice cream like Chamman available. You have all the things you want to be taste.
Markets and shopping points


You have all the modern brands here. Main bazar Sadiq bazar, Bano market are the places where you can buy all the things of life. Two main maundies work here. Modern shopping malls also worked. For grocery Rohi quras Aisha mall are best. Many moor plaza’s  are in process. You can buy all things which you can buy from Islamabad Karachi and Lahore.


This city have rich and modern infrastructure. Carpeted roads big plazas modern buildings fly overs pull gardens grounds stadiums all the facilities which is in big city you have in Rahim Yar khan.


In Rahim Yar khan you have all good names of schools. Beacon house, Al Huda, Lahore grammar, Shaikh Khalifa, Shaikh Zaid, educator and many many more. Their are many good school system. Alama Iqbal university virtual university worked here. Islamic, Ncbae, superior, Punjab all the colleges worked. The big name of IT university Khawaja freed university also the big name. Shaikh Zaid medical college and university start their work. The result of board is high. Many government and private institutes situated. Education rate is very high.

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Importance of Education in 2020

Education is very important for us. Hazret Muhammed Peace be Upon Him said take education from your birth to grave. Means their is no age to take knowledge. We educate our selves when we can. When a baby born his parents start planning to make him doctor, Engineer, Pilot etc.

Importance in Our Lives

Means we know the important of education in our lives. But do you think in your opinion who are educate that person who take degree from the university or that people who take experiences from their life. I think degree with the experience of life is the best education. So educate your children’s and make their personalities educate with your experiences. When a child is in the age of pre-schooling.

Best Age to Learn

This is the best age to teach him the best roles of life. Always speak truth. Keep neat and clean to your selves and surroundings. Obey elders. Love to all. Importance of prayer. Eat every healthy things. Tolerance what is in our religion. And many more things which you act and your children follow you because in this age they copy you. You are their role model.

So this is the age you control your children. When they grown up they went in school and colleges. At this time they saw many thing around them . But your grip from early age safe your children from all the bad things. Now in this age you give them space .

Right to choose

Give them right to choose their favorite subjects. Dont force them to complete your dreams. And those thing which you cant do in this age. In this stage students choose subjects and profession he want to. Some students go for medical line, some for engineer line and some for IT.

Some students wants to go for arts subjects They are interested in art. But parents refuse their choice. In their opinion the poet, writer, artist can’t earn money. They have no position in society. This is very wrong opinions. Dont force your children Let them do anything he want. First of all educate your selves that no profession is bad. Take confident to your children. Your confidence make them confident person.

Role of Society

    In my opinion if you give your society mature and honorable person then give confidence to your children. When they take education they like they struggled more to achieve their goals and take education by heart. They show more interest in their studies. And one day they achieved their goals and ready to give our society more educated peoples.

We make our country in best. And stand it in developed countries. Make good policies. And  give our country the best. This happened only when we educate our society well.

Educate yourselves

Not educate only for degrees but educates in good rules of lives. Our media is big institute to teach ordinary man. Teach society with good shows and debate programs. Guide the society for good and bad in our lives. If we know our duties well the society is automatically changed. For example we obey the traffic roles in broad but not follow the rules in our country.

We stand in a row when we are in other country. But feel shamed to stand in a row in own country. We give our services in low level to abroad but in own country we just proud to our degree and said this job is not my caliber. What is this difference in our thinking. We have to mature our selves. This matureness is not come from degree it come from our society. Our society let down those people who work in low level. This is not fair. We have to change our thoughts. Then automatically change our society. And then we call confidently that we are belong to an educated society and culture

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What is Life ? – Major Points

What is life. Is this the name of happiness. Struggle bitterness etc.… What is this? When a baby born. He cry and doctors said he is perfect because it is necessary for new born to weep. Then parents are happy for baby. Then he again cry parents understand that baby cry for milk he is hungry.

First Lesson

Then first lesson we take from life spoke for your need. Baby slowly grow now he cry but not only for hunger but also his needs. Need to change pamper need to give medicines for pain. When he grow he can talk and walk he can run. Then his needs change. His requirement changes.


His demands change. Now he want toys for playing and if the parents do not give it they cry and insist. After childhood he grow young. Now the meanings of life change. His dreams always in his eyes.

Good Education

He want every thing Good education lavish life. After completed education. He take first step in practice life. Now the meaning of life totally changed. He want good job for good life. He realized the important of money.


He want to earn money. Some time he cant. And some time he can. When he win his mood is full of joy. He think he conquered every task. Good job beautiful or handsome life partner and all the necessities of life. And if he looser. The meaning of living totally changed. He think all the humans of this word want to defeat him. He run after the money. But he cant do any thing .
    It means life is not equal for every one. Someone get every thing from it and someone get nothing. Someone win and someone looser.

It is not easy

Life is not the bed of flowers & it’s war. Yes it’s also the beautiful gift of God. We change our lives if we think what we have is enough for us . For more we work hard. Hard working never failed. After some time we achieved our goals and it become easier. When we only think against it, we cant achieve any thing. So love your lives. Life love you. Your lives give you many happiness.

A good quality

    The message is that good thinking is very good quality. It change all your community. Happiness is around you but you cant feel it. Because thoughts take you to that world in that you think. Good or bad it depends on you. Control your mind control your heart. You win

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Problems of Middle Class Family of Pakistan in 2020

Problems of Middleclass Family – There are three major classes. We divided our society into classes. Upper class middle class lower class nut now we have another class is lower middle class. This class is played very important role .Mostly in these days we belong to lower middle class because of our income. We want to emerge in upper class. But they cant accept us and we do not want to mix in lower class.


Mostly peoples belong to lower middle class is very educated because we thought education is a key of success. We want that our children get study in modern private schools and there payments we cant afford that’s why we struggle all over our life and we manage things. We eat less we ignore all the necessities which is very important to spend standard life style.

Income – Problems of Middleclass Family

Mostly we are in rented houses. Small package of salaries. But we always try to give all facilities to our children. Good schooling good dresses car good food and healthy activities. We give them pocket money that suitable for their friends who belong to upper class.

Why we do this?
Answer is this that school is very high class and the student belongs to rich families. Our children need these facilities. We always compare ourselves to upper class and result is that we always remain in tension. Day to night struggle.

Damage to ourselves

Where we stand. Our personalities damaged by our own selves. We are always in pressure. Our mind remains in tension. Rent fees petrol academy branded dresses shoes mobile lap top and many other expenses pay is less and expenses are more then we earn. These all problem we create for our selves.


If the education system is equal for all of the people. We get rid of these problems. If we understand that God is every where God know what we want . Let the God decided. Try try again struggle for our children our home but not cheating others. We have to stand for our lives. Without us this country could not run. We are the pillars. We work all important places. Then why we under estimate our lives our personalities. We are brave .We are competent. We are educated.


We belongs good and honorable families. Then why we under control to others. This is our weakness. We have known our selves. Think that without us nothing is possible. I studied without any support of government and paid all the needs. We paid taxes. We cant gets loan from banks. The upper class get these facilities. They walk all their lives with artificial sticks.

Why we follow them?

We spend our lives with our own rules. If we understand this life. We don’t copy others what is in your lives that what you have Not less or not increase. Try to spend your lives with our own resources not to see others what they have and how many money they have in their pockets.
God always bless us if we 0 better and trust God. Lives will be easy. Happiness is the key of success. Free your mind always think positive. If some thing happened in your life may be it is good for u . Always work for better life. God never return hard work.


Be positive Be happy don’t trust other trust your selves. God bless our home our children and our country.♥♥♥♥

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