Proud of What We Are

 Proud-We are Muslims and We believe that all the things which happen from the side of God. It is good or bad God knows which thing is better for us. For the time being its hurt but after some time we realized that it is good for us.  So we believe only a God. Who knows every thing. It is our duty to do good. Perform our duties by heart and God gives us result. May be it takes time. But it happened. The result will come and we forget all our difficulties which we face during our handwork period.
    Humans need result quickly they do not like to wait. When there wishes not fulfilled they think it is there bad luck. God give them difficulties all the time may be God is angry with them that’s why God does not listen to their prayer. But it is wrong God never leave their peoples.

You are heard

God always near by us that’s why we are Proud. God knows when his wishes come true. Before time nothing is happened. When time come all the worries difficulties and bad luck were go and life is go smoothly. .
   So dont worry about your life some plane make but leave them in God. Don’t think what happened in future believe in God. Work hard for your aims. Walk on the way which God give.

The Path

That path of life reached you in your targets. Obey the principals which give God. Pray five time. Nawaz is the way to talk with Allah. When we pray our soul is in peace. And we satisfied with our lives. And trust the God. All the good things come to our lives and happiness come to our lives. So dont worry be happy . Believe in God. Strong  believe get your lives easy. God give you life how could it happened that he does know your desires. He know all the things. Always thanks to Allah he give us proper personalities. Proper body parts. Make a complete human. Thanks to Allah for giving all the good things.

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Use of Mobile Phones in Our Daily Life

Mobile phones are very important thing now a days. Every body have mobile. Every body want android and iPhone. What is the difference between these two mobile no information ahead. But know the name and good to listen. I agree that today mobile is necessity but not for every one. Many people used the mobile for their job requirement purpose. They actually know that how to use this product.

File Management

Manage the files its memory is perfect safe data used for meetings always connected to everyone use for send e mails etc. Students also used it for their study. It used to save lectures with internet they research in different fields. Today because of this disease online classes held and many students didn’t have laptop they worked at mobile.

They have easy excess to all his subjects. Where the book have no advance information mobile provide with the help of internet. Many students earn money with internet. They are Youtuber’s make graphics in different ways. Without mobile it is not possible. Mobile is their video camera mobile is recorder mobile is their still camera.

Advantage of Mobile phones for Students

For a student who relate with IT mobile is every thing for them. These are the few qualities we find. But in the opposite site the negative usage of mobile is also work. Those people who does not know about the mobile have modern devices. And they used it only for entertainment. Looking Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other entertaining things. They have no idea that they destroyed them selves with their phone device. Because they have no knowledge to usage.

Viral Personal Information

They viral their data and personal it formations without any idea that this information is harmful. Those people who knows about this device very well. Take their personal information. Even they hack their devices get their personal pictures and videos they also reached to their addresses and mobile numbers. And began to black male them.

Innocent users does not know about the cyber crime law they easily captured. The criminal minded peoples use their personal data for their own purpose. Many users held suicide and finish their lives. That’s why this device is harmful for our society. When we used mobile and internet learn all the rules and regulation. It is very important.

Usage at our Home

In our houses this device make our family time to “THE END”. All family members have their own mobile and also they have internet too. After entering the mobile the voices of house stopped all the family members busy in phones. Talk to each other worth the help of Whatsapp and messaging each other. Even family Whatsapp group made.

If you want to talk with each other in happiness or sadness talk in Whatsapp use emoji to express the feelings. All kind of emojis are available. In love hungry shock. thrill, happy, sad, thoughtful, amazing and so many others. Even you give smile to each other with that emojis.

Now the feelings are expressed with Whatsapp. If you want to wish and if you want to asked for health then used this. Now the news of death is in the face book. The date of birthday also you know from face book and also wished with the help of Facebook. Means emotions go to hell. Get mobile and express all your feelings. The family links destroyed by this.

Stories and Entertainment

We listen stories from our grandfather and grandmother but now  todays childes watch movies and stories in mobile. The strong relations are destroyed. And this is truth that mobile can not teach us the advices given by grandparents. So we lose all these things in our lives. It give us temporary happiness.

The true happiness is vanished. We belong to that society in which relations and families are important but it make it weak.
The result is that we can use mobile in good ways or also in bad ways. It depends us.  Use the mobile but in proper time and proper way. The misuse us give pain not only to related people but also for user. So it is good invention not turned into bad invention. This is very help full for all purpose of life. It used in all professions.  It developed all time more modern techniques include in it.
  Used mobile not to allow it to use your selves.

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Stage Drama Industry in Pakistan

Stage Drama- When I said that I am going to see stage drama. Every one looking shocked. Because today stage is not serious stage. It kidnaped by those peoples who only want to earn money. This stage is for them only the source if income. Its respect and honor nothing is mean to them. They use all those things to make ordnance which is not accept in our society or you can say not liked in our society.

Talented Actors

We have very talented actors who performed in stage. But they worked in compulsion. Because they have to run their houses with the income that they earn from the stage. When these actors performed in other countries they won the stage. And every body liked them. Most of them are very talented. Even though most of them have no professional degrees but have life experienced. They spend life as a experience. In their word we can see the experience. They write and direct a stage drama.

This is not only their fault that they does not write good drama but it is also the fault of ordnance. They want to see these dancers in the stage. Dance is not a bad thing. It is an art. And everybody cant learn it. It is selected person who learn teach and performed it. Unfortunately we have not many dance academies. We have few peoples who take this art seriously. Rear names we have.

Stage Dancers in Pakistan

So in this condition stage dancers destroyed the art of dance. They used stage for destroy the art of dance. And now the picture is not clear. Most of the people hates the word dance and also does not like dancers. Serious theater changed in stage drama. Ajo ka theater Fiaz Ahmed theater has disappeared now only stage drams appear where the message of art disappear. Only foolish dialogues and foolish sight exist.

Most of audience uneducated and in depression. They fed-up with his daily routine. So they come and liked that foolish comedy which performed by actors. And liked that songs and dance performance. They only want to enjoy no matter what is he listen and see is right or wrong. That’s why the audience of stage dramas are not educated. Families does not like to came for see the stage dramas.

Real Comedy of Stages

We have many respectful name in comedy. They spend their whole life to perform like

  1. Rangeela
  2. Nanha
  3. Munver Zareef Lahri
  4. Ali Ijaz etc. They are real comedian. They are not only performed in cinema screen but also performed in theater. We also have serious theaters but few.

These theaters work in under the difficult condition. Because they have not enough ordnance for service. They cant afford their own expenditures. They cant pay actors so their work is in limited. In other the professional actors of stage that worked now a days earn well. They can afford all their expense. They performed in many dramas and these dramas have no story and no subject. Only vulgarity is seen.

Money by Hook and Crook

No dialogue no plot no theme. But only make money by hook and crock. This is our society ‘s fault to stop the serious theater. The sensor board is exist but they allow all the things because they also need money. In other words the theater the drama the comedy is that things which we lost This is not art this is only the art of money.

Increasing income not the increasing position. Govt is also responsible. The government does not promote art. They have no policies about the art and actors not only stage or theater but all kind of entertainment industries. That’s why we failed. Nobody take it serious and nobody adopt this industry. If this happened all the time the theater is going to be end. And we destroy it.

Our Responsibilities

So we have to be recognized our responsibilities. Not only blame the actors also understand the problems of them . and then make the policies. We have to invite the serious audience and give them confidence that they go to see drams with their families without any hesitation. It is important for our culture. Many peoples belong to this industry. They have right to earn Make them confident to work hard to achieve the goals and the government is responsible for all its right. Then we change the environment.

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Life – Happy Married Life in 2020

Happy married life – How could you make your married life happy. What are the rules. Nobody say these are the perfect rules and regulation  of perfect married life. Life is not a subject that every one learn same. Every human have their own desires and different needs. But first rule of happiness is love. Then confidence to each other. If we have these two qualities we make our lives happy.

Young life

   When we married we are young. We have  no experience of life. We spend time very happily. Honeymoon time left and we are in practical life. This phase of time turned our lives in practical stage of life.

Difficulties & Responsibilities.

Many difficulties stand. Responsibilities waiting to our lives. Home office responsibilities and our desires make us uncomfortable this condition love go back in where. And first thinking for each other is you are changed. No we are not changed but our lives changed and it is on us how we adjust. Then we come parents & wife’s responsibility increase.

She take care her child and her house to. She does not give much attention to her husband and mostly husbands don’t understand this. They start searching for other. Only for friendship or we can say flirt. When this relation come to his wife knowledge confidence go back in where. These are the most common facts for unhappy married life.


If we understand the common problems of each other it could not happened. Woman do not like to share her husband to anyone. It is very big shock for her that husband interested in other woman. Now in this stage clashes start. Both are not want to destroy their relation. But both are not understand. If they both realize each other problems and helped to each other this situation is not happened

So third rule to understand each other. Some couples share their problem with others. Others  means their parents friends and family friends. This is their big mistake. Your problem is yours. Nobody understand . every body look your problem by their own way. And they also guide you in their way of thinking.

May be the solution given by your friend or any other is not suitable in your condition. And may somebody guide you in wrong way. May be somebody do not want you to happy in your home. So dont tell any body to your personal relations and problems. Dialogue with each other and get solution. This is another rule of happy life


    Respect your partners parents and family. If you cant do this your husband hidden the problems from you which belong to his family. And some time this thing hurt you. You told your husband by your act that he can believe you in all the matters of his family. If you do respect much respect given to your self


    Remember the anniversaries and give gift to each other. Take care of each other. That increase love in your married life. Some time such little action make you happy. Let worries out of your lives. Celebrate all the movements. Care each other desires or needs. Give space to each other. Never try to command each others. Let your husband go to his friends gathering. Make him happy. Some time change of atmosphere is changed the thinking. Be positive with your partner.

Blame Game

Dont blame each other. Difficulties came in life but it does not mean that we blame each other that this happened of you. If you do this this cant happened. Not this is not the way. Face the difficulties together. Let it out to your lives. Of you stand for each other nobody defeat you. This is the power given by God to husband wives.
      Your family is your future. So dont argue to each other and blame each others in front of your gamily. You are the hero of your family. Solve your problems in room.

Not in front of your family. Apologies your mistakes. Give valuable time to your partner and your family. Discussed things related your house with your family. Understand your family. Make your selves reliable for family. This is the key of happy married life.
    This is my opinion it is up to you how can you used this in your lives. Pray for others and yourselves. Always be happy.

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Cause of Broken Engagements in Pakistan

Broken – This year in our family three engagements broken. These three couples fall in love with each other. Engaged. Whole family came in function with gifts. Those who came make new dresses take new shoes and if they have children obviously they are ready too and spend a handsome amount to join the engagement function. Give them 2000 each to the couples. . But it fit for the whole situation. Maximum after one or one and half year they understand that they are not suitable for each other so they broken engagement. Finish. Now they are in search of another partner.

Love them again?

Who love them and again they spend our money in their engagements. It is my humble request for those people 👏Please
Dont do this to us we cant attend your ceremonies again and again. Please do what do you want to do in behalf of your self not engaged us. We cant give you money again and again we cant spend a-lot money in your so called engagements.

No Tolerance

   So guys do you think why they do this because they have no tolerance. When they engage a-lot acceptations have. They are always talk every thing they discussed. And their relation is not strong that time. They said they love each other but their is no love. Only affiliation. Even they can not believe to each other. Days gone they talk met without any permanent relation and result is that after few days they felt no decision is wrong so let the lover go in hell.

A new Search

Now Search for new lover. What happened to our young ones. Please be serious for this serious relation. Do not think that it is fun. In our society nobody blame boys but girls are always wrong in the eyes of our so called society. It is necessary to educate the girls. Engagement is not the legal relation. Dont trust any one. Do not spend time. Make distance an honorable
Relation make life happy. It is very difficult for parents to face this situation. Family members asked them very bitter questions and members enjoyed the situation


    They don’t think about the feeling of suffered family. They gossips in calls and meetings. Society do not forget any thing. So when you are in relation think carefully and be serious. This is not childhood game. This is serious. Make relation with one and make it strong. Think about your parents. They suffered much in whole situation. Tolerance is good quality. In that time you think with your heart not mined. And every thing go in wrong way. After engagement you are not husband wives you are just fiancé.

This is very weak relation. So do it with your brain not heart. Dont think only for your self think for others too. Be serious. Not to do again and again. This is not game. This is life. And you always close one chapter of life quickly and go for others. Past always with your life. And some time past destroys the present. Be careful for your future life. Make good past for healthy life.

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What is Life ? – Major Points

What is life. Is this the name of happiness. Struggle bitterness etc.… What is this? When a baby born. He cry and doctors said he is perfect because it is necessary for new born to weep. Then parents are happy for baby. Then he again cry parents understand that baby cry for milk he is hungry.

First Lesson

Then first lesson we take from life spoke for your need. Baby slowly grow now he cry but not only for hunger but also his needs. Need to change pamper need to give medicines for pain. When he grow he can talk and walk he can run. Then his needs change. His requirement changes.


His demands change. Now he want toys for playing and if the parents do not give it they cry and insist. After childhood he grow young. Now the meanings of life change. His dreams always in his eyes.

Good Education

He want every thing Good education lavish life. After completed education. He take first step in practice life. Now the meaning of life totally changed. He want good job for good life. He realized the important of money.


He want to earn money. Some time he cant. And some time he can. When he win his mood is full of joy. He think he conquered every task. Good job beautiful or handsome life partner and all the necessities of life. And if he looser. The meaning of living totally changed. He think all the humans of this word want to defeat him. He run after the money. But he cant do any thing .
    It means life is not equal for every one. Someone get every thing from it and someone get nothing. Someone win and someone looser.

It is not easy

Life is not the bed of flowers & it’s war. Yes it’s also the beautiful gift of God. We change our lives if we think what we have is enough for us . For more we work hard. Hard working never failed. After some time we achieved our goals and it become easier. When we only think against it, we cant achieve any thing. So love your lives. Life love you. Your lives give you many happiness.

A good quality

    The message is that good thinking is very good quality. It change all your community. Happiness is around you but you cant feel it. Because thoughts take you to that world in that you think. Good or bad it depends on you. Control your mind control your heart. You win

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Thoughts of a Mother

Thoughts of a Mother – Today i start to write something I dont know what but I know why because of my son I want to walk with him in his struggles I  want to walk with him.

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   I am a house wife and love my home my children. I always try to stand with them. They are my life. When i studied i am a good student. I enjoyed every thing in my life. School college friends and all things. I studied in Govt Premier college. One of the best college in Karachi. In this stage we have many dreams. We want to  start our careers as a business man but tragedy is this that we are girls not man .That’s why we all start our lives as a house wives.
        But we are happy to our lives . Now I think how stupid we are at that time. Basically we are dreamers but the dreams come true when we think positive .Positivity is the key of success. Always think positive Allah almighty help you in every task of life.

In 2020

In 2020 corona comes in our lives. When we listen about it we all afraid .But we all stand for fighting to against corona. Now we are not afraid because we struggle to get rid to this disease . Many people face it . Their lives are in trouble in every way They cant eat because they have no money no jobs but in this era many peoples have a lot of money In all grocery shops they purchase many thing even throw these thing necessary or not but they buy.

Detailed Information

     These peoples not think about other peoples Especially white collar peoples. These white colors peoples are not begged because of their ego or self respect. Most poor people take food and other important things from other. But middle class very needy and nobody think about it. I know many teachers they have no salaries no tuitions and they have to pay rent The owners of their houses threat them. In many places they go to for job but they have not.
     Just like that many industries closed and their labor comes in roads. Even Govt make announce many loans and facilities but most of the middle class educated persons not avail these loans and facilities. It is very sad

LOCK DOWN – Thoughts of a Mother

        We always think lockdown mean is every thing will be closed. Markets ,offices, schools , govt office , industries even though doctors etc.….
But now days govt tells us many kinds of lockdowns total lock down, smart lock down etc. ….. People always discuses about them but nobody exactly know what kind of lock down we have?

Many workers go to their jobs by black mailing of their bosses They threat them if you are not come to job then quit and in this situation no job available If they job less their childes go to in tough situation They are not full fill their basic needs.

Industry Owners

The owners of industries and business not give their workers full pay Half pays give to their employs and threat them The worker even in the post of managers and teachers who is in respectful positions black mailed by their owners. Govt may be know it and even they know but not to noticed. Peoples are in mentally torchers situation. Govt says every thing is perfect in all shit lockdowns.

About Pakistani Government

      Govt is free from all the difficulties that common people face. How selfish is it They always speech in media all is good. We are the govt of success Some time I want to laugh loudly in front of govt. They cant understand the problems of common people. Our Prime minister and their officers their cabinet What kind of people they are ?Actually they are not belong to us they live abroad They cant live simple lives how can they understand the difficulties of common peoples HOW sad it is. Smart lock down is perfect solution of this situation now a days we face. This is sad to say who help us I think nobody we have to help by our selves. For jobs for good life and good health. God help us if we help by our selves. That’s how Thoughts of a Mother is in daily life.

Current Condition

       Now lock down is end people go to their jobs  some with sop’s and many people without sop’s Lets hope with goodness Corona doesn’t know the kinds of lockdowns Corona is not finish it is in our surroundings Many people not accept it that corona is existed They said where is corona we cant see it. We beg to the people please live with sop’s wash your hands use sanitizers social distancing It is not joke Our govt misguide the common man to tell them that corona is just a flu dont bother it Doctors teach that please be serious Govt said Doctors not to worry.

14th August – Thoughts of a Mother

Today is our independence day Pakistan came into being 14th august 1947
Our beloved country. We love our country. Pakistan means LAILAH ILALA. The founder of Pakistan is Quaid e AZAM . He is s great leader Leader of all the Pakistanis He did great job. First he joined congress but later on he feels that this path is not good for Muslims and Muslims does not complete their wishes. Then he joined Muslim league and work for the Muslims. Allam Iqbal is not only the poet he delivered “Two Nation Theory” .


He told peoples for another country where the Muslims lived and spend their lives according Islam Sir Syed Ahmed khan another great leader of Tehrik e Pakistan He did a lot for Muslims East India company ruled in Asia and Hindus with them In 1947 they both understand that Muslims take their place and make an Independ country From this country they save their Religion their lives and Generation. By the grace of Almighty in 14th august 1947 Pakistan came into being in this word .Pakistan is exist in the name of Islam Muslim countries welcomed .Hindus live in separate path .India always hate Pakistan and Pakistanis. Kashmir is the example.

Muslim British

Many areas that belong to Muslims British rulers gave to India. Pakistan face many problem in its growing situation. People were very poor. Their were no system at all. But Quaid AZAM as a governor kernel and Liaqat Ali khan as a first prime minister full fill their duties by heart and soul. They both were very hard workers they work day and night.

Proud Pakistani

We proud as a Pakistani may God our country live ever and we served it by our heart and soul Many people give their lives for Pakistan These people always alive in our hearts. Their work for Pakistan and for our nation is remarkable Now we are super power Nobody touch our borders Our soldiers always stand active in borders Our air force is the best force of word. We proud of them Love for them Long live Pakistan.
all they only want to come in media. That was the Thoughts of a Mother.

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