How to Get Your AdSense Approved

How to Get Your AdSense Approved

How to Get AdSense Approval. You’ve to follow some policies let me mention those for you.

Eligibility Criteria w.r.t Website

  1. Your website should Have 25 to 30 posts with almost 1000 words per post.
  2. Total word count of your website should be 25000 to 30000.
  3. All the posts should be perfect with respect to readability and SEO.
  4. Keyword placement at your website should be perfect.
  5. Your website’s Pages, Posts and Categories must have perfect Meta Title & Meta Description.
  6. Your website should have a Structured Data.

Eligibility Criteria w.r.t Webmaster

  1. Your website should have a robots.txt with proper rules.
  2. Sitemap should be generated.
  3. Submission of sitemap at Google Console should be done for proper indexing.
  4. Sitemap should be present in robots.txt file.

Eligibility Criteria w.r.t Design

  1. Post grid should be perfectly placed.
  2. All the categories, technical pages and sitemap should be easily accessible. (Preferred in Main Menu, Footer or Header) this step is a must for AdSense Approval.
  3. Photos should be perfectly smushed and size should be perfect. You can check Image Sizes for Google AdSense at this Article.

Preferred Time for Applying

AdSense approval chance gets stronger from August to January. Other time of years are not suggested for approval.

Do you want to Get Your AdSense Approved? Or Do you want to Optimize current Ads of Your AdSense for Higher Earning.

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