Banking in Pakistan in 202

Banking In Pakistan is very honorable profession. All the peoples know about bank. But very few people know how it start. Bank is the word start by “bench” Because in very long time when barter system was not fulfill the requirement of people and the concept of money increased.

People give and taken money for purchasing and sailing things. Money was used in trade. And for all purpose then some people start money exchange in benches. The word bench is convert in bunk and after some time it change in bank. Bank is the modern way of bunk.

Those days only a bench is the source of given and taken no hard rules applied. But now bank have a big establishment. Not only exchange of money but very useful for business and necessary for businessman . All the industry run by in the result of banking.

Either agriculture small industry big industry import export all the developed country need banks. Bank provide many facilities which is required by business.

Banking in Our Country

Many banks work in Pakistan. United bank Muslim commercial bank Punjab and Sindh bank standard chartered etc. National bank is very important it work directly with state bank .. State bank is controlled and make policies for all banks. In these banks some are private and some are semi government banks.

All banks work for the development of country. They make many policies. They opened accounts for their funds. Profit and loss account is the example. Customer transferred their money for all purpose with the help of bank in all the world.

Bank give them the opportunities and safe atmosphere for exchange their funds. The bank helped the customer to save their funds in the way to open current and profit and loss sharing accounts. They make many policies to serve the customers in many ways. Bank provide the facilities of ATM  by given debit and credit cards.


It give the facility of bank draft and TT. Customer feel save and comfortable to exchange money for all purpose. In traveling the travel checks safe customers. Now a days exchange of handsome amount is very easy and safe with the help of banks.

You can transfer money in all the part of world in any time. No time loss. Business dealings become very easy and safe.
  Bank provide loans for the people. From those loans they start small and big business. Bank take very reasonable interest in these loans. Bank pleged the property and give them loan and give them facility to return loan in installments.

Very reasonable interest taken by bank in front of these instalments. When business run customer is able to return loan. If business not run then bank give all their favors to the customers because bank want to developed the country.

Microfinance Banking In Pakistan

Now a days many micro finance companies exist. They give small loans to the people. Their hard and fast rules is belong to the general banking in other word they followed the banking rules. But they give very small loans. Now a common man understand that how could he get loan from bank and fulfill their needs. Bank give loans for business educational loans house building loans etc.
    Consumer banking is the branch of general banking. Car loans credit cards loans are available. Now a days a salary man can purchase car and house. The facility of installments  is very useful.

If we have no enough purchasing power to purchase expensive things. Bank help you. Now nothing is impossible. You can educate your children marry your children build house start any kind of business purchase cars and purchase all the things you need in your life with the help of banks.

Accounts Types at Banking In Pakistan

Bank give the facility to old retired people of saving accounts. They take money to complete their needs in the way of monthly interest which given by bank on their savings. Bank helped to pay your utilities bill at your home door.
   In these days online banking helps people and bankers serve the nation just like doctors. In front way. If the banking stop that days the nation could stop. So the bankers give their services to all their clients. 
    So the importance of banks is not ignored. Bank paid important rule in our economy. They provide their services in day and night. Many peoples are their employees and earn money for their families. And they give their services for us. Read more about Banking In Pakistan at TheSoftcloud.

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