Turks – An old History of World

Turks play a major role in transportation. It is very helpful means of our transport. Their drivers have very interesting role. They always in traveling. Their whole life spend in roads. In other words truck is their other house. In Pakistan Turk culture have powerful role in transportation. They transferred all types of goods from one place to another place. When we travelled by road we saw many trucks with colorful pictures.

These pictures made by local artist. And this work is convert to him by their father to grand grand father. This art is their family traditional art which transferred generation to generation. They understand the nature of colors. This art work is only found in Pakistan. Now this art work convert into a industry. Many people belong to it and earn money Even in America people like this art work and now a days they want to learn it. In abroad we saw this art in wagons and other transport means.


These Turks take goods from ports other cities and always in roads. They travelled Karachi to Peshawar without taking rest. When they want to sleep they stop the Turk to road side and sleep. In very hot weather they cant take rest they travelled. Without them our trading can not grow. These are necessary mean to transfer goods to their market.


Truck culture is very interesting. Their drivers are strong and hard workers. They worked in any conditions and any weather. In rain in winter in fog in hot days they always at road. They also have families. But they sacrifice for their families. They face all the conditions boldly. They travelled all the areas without any fear. When they reached to service stations they take rest and eat. After take tea they start travelling .They entertain their selves by loud music.  They have no other entertainment because in 30 days of month they are in roads. Because of heavy loading they travelled very slowly and carefully. They cant undertake other traffic. They have their own speed. Usually they travelled in groups. Mostly we saw a long line of Turks in night with slow speed. That’s why they reached their destination very late. The travelling of 24 hours they complete in 48 hours because of loading heavy goods.


Their life is very difficult. Brave drivers do this duty. A strong minded person can perform this duty an ordinary driver cant do this job. We have to appreciate their drivers. They are brave and strong. Their families also aprciatable because without their contribution the drivers could not perform. This is very responsible job because they are responsible of that goods which loaded in their Turk and a lot of money involved in. So they are responsible.  We saw color full Turks but their internal life is different. Difficult and tasked able. We have to appreciate them.

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