Stories that matter in 2020

Stories – We belong to that culture in which we have many love stories. Some are true and some is only in books we dont know it happened or not. But in our society love is not allowed. It seems to be very bad thing. Any how when we grow we listen about Laila Majno, Heer, Ranjha, Sassi, Pouno Romeo Juliet. Romeo Juliet is not from us but because of their love story we think they will live in our nearest city. In other words they are our neighbors. I mean their love story is very common to listen.

Laila Majnu

We saw many films which belongs to that characters. Laila and Majno study together in class. If the teacher beat Laila majno feels the pain of stick. How romantic is. Heer Ranjha other characters. Mr. Ranjha was the little brother of six brothers. He saw heer. Fall in love with her. But their uncle Kaidoo dont like it.

Ranjha start job in the cattle form of heer’s father. He wash cows and serve them. Heer make churi( a punjabi sweet meal) and went to jungle for Ranjha. Any how their families fight with each other but at the they agree to merry but uncle kaidoo give them poison so Heer Ranjha died. Their tomb is in Jhang .

The Second Phase of Stories

Sassi Puno they both love to each other. Again they met in jungle. Sassi is married her sister in law also love pouno. Sassi cross the river with the help of Ghagra. And she died in river. Pouno jumped in river and also died.
    Many other stories of love exist in our culture. Many dramas and films make in that characters. Baba Bullay shah wrote poetry in that characters.

Famous Stories

Any how my point is that we have that love stories but when some body love to each other in our surrounding then why all the society play the role of cha-cha kaidoo. Nobody helped them. Their parents behave like they did very bad thing. All the members of society stand against them.

All the people try to separate them. Their families makes many excuses. One is that we cant marry out of family. Other is they never belong to us their cast is not belong to us. They speak other language. At that time we forget all the roles of Islam. We are not Pakistani at that time neither humans that time.


All of us seems another creatures another planet. The couple who fall in love to each other is the creatures of another planet. At that time we also forget that our religion give right to the girls to choose life partner for her. Even she purposed . Hazret Khadija sent her proposal for Hazret Muhammed S.A.W and he accept. Even Hazret Khadeeja is elder then Hazret Muhammed S.A.W. We are Muslims we believe Allah and  Hazret Muhammed S.A.W is the last prophet and we obey the Sunnat.

Then why in this point we forget all the thing and what we remember is our family rules. That roles which usually not appear in our normal lives. Specially for girls these roles have strong positions. If a girl love somebody this is the end of life for her. Nobody realized the situation of her mind and heart anybody supposed to be enemy for her.
     Why we play double games. Why we dont accept the reality of lives. These stories are only stories for us. We listen that stories as fun . What is that behavior of our society.  Do you accept that all poets are fake. All stories all feelings are fake. They are liars. Our  culture basics is belong to that thoughts. Are these all thoughts wrong?


I dont understand the double standards of our society. Does we changed the thoughts. Or do we changed our society. This is the question I leave. Give me the answer. If you have. Do we give our children right to choose right to love and right to live with their own choice. Let them free for their own choice. Stand with them they trust you.
  Actually you give them that confidence that they share all their feelings with you. They trust you . And then we can say that we own that all love stories. This is our culture this is our religion this is our society. We proud to our culture.
  Being a Muslims we are lucky because we already have solutions of all our problems.  From birth to death. We have guidelines and we confident that our children understand all.

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