Use of Mobile Phones in Our Daily Life

Mobile phones are very important thing now a days. Every body have mobile. Every body want android and iPhone. What is the difference between these two mobile no information ahead. But know the name and good to listen. I agree that today mobile is necessity but not for every one. Many people used the mobile for their job requirement purpose. They actually know that how to use this product.

File Management

Manage the files its memory is perfect safe data used for meetings always connected to everyone use for send e mails etc. Students also used it for their study. It used to save lectures with internet they research in different fields. Today because of this disease online classes held and many students didn’t have laptop they worked at mobile.

They have easy excess to all his subjects. Where the book have no advance information mobile provide with the help of internet. Many students earn money with internet. They are Youtuber’s make graphics in different ways. Without mobile it is not possible. Mobile is their video camera mobile is recorder mobile is their still camera.

Advantage of Mobile phones for Students

For a student who relate with IT mobile is every thing for them. These are the few qualities we find. But in the opposite site the negative usage of mobile is also work. Those people who does not know about the mobile have modern devices. And they used it only for entertainment. Looking Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other entertaining things. They have no idea that they destroyed them selves with their phone device. Because they have no knowledge to usage.

Viral Personal Information

They viral their data and personal it formations without any idea that this information is harmful. Those people who knows about this device very well. Take their personal information. Even they hack their devices get their personal pictures and videos they also reached to their addresses and mobile numbers. And began to black male them.

Innocent users does not know about the cyber crime law they easily captured. The criminal minded peoples use their personal data for their own purpose. Many users held suicide and finish their lives. That’s why this device is harmful for our society. When we used mobile and internet learn all the rules and regulation. It is very important.

Usage at our Home

In our houses this device make our family time to “THE END”. All family members have their own mobile and also they have internet too. After entering the mobile the voices of house stopped all the family members busy in phones. Talk to each other worth the help of Whatsapp and messaging each other. Even family Whatsapp group made.

If you want to talk with each other in happiness or sadness talk in Whatsapp use emoji to express the feelings. All kind of emojis are available. In love hungry shock. thrill, happy, sad, thoughtful, amazing and so many others. Even you give smile to each other with that emojis.

Now the feelings are expressed with Whatsapp. If you want to wish and if you want to asked for health then used this. Now the news of death is in the face book. The date of birthday also you know from face book and also wished with the help of Facebook. Means emotions go to hell. Get mobile and express all your feelings. The family links destroyed by this.

Stories and Entertainment

We listen stories from our grandfather and grandmother but now  todays childes watch movies and stories in mobile. The strong relations are destroyed. And this is truth that mobile can not teach us the advices given by grandparents. So we lose all these things in our lives. It give us temporary happiness.

The true happiness is vanished. We belong to that society in which relations and families are important but it make it weak.
The result is that we can use mobile in good ways or also in bad ways. It depends us.  Use the mobile but in proper time and proper way. The misuse us give pain not only to related people but also for user. So it is good invention not turned into bad invention. This is very help full for all purpose of life. It used in all professions.  It developed all time more modern techniques include in it.
  Used mobile not to allow it to use your selves.

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