Importance of Education in 2020

Education is very important for us. Hazret Muhammed Peace be Upon Him said take education from your birth to grave. Means their is no age to take knowledge. We educate our selves when we can. When a baby born his parents start planning to make him doctor, Engineer, Pilot etc.

Importance in Our Lives

Means we know the important of education in our lives. But do you think in your opinion who are educate that person who take degree from the university or that people who take experiences from their life. I think degree with the experience of life is the best education. So educate your children’s and make their personalities educate with your experiences. When a child is in the age of pre-schooling.

Best Age to Learn

This is the best age to teach him the best roles of life. Always speak truth. Keep neat and clean to your selves and surroundings. Obey elders. Love to all. Importance of prayer. Eat every healthy things. Tolerance what is in our religion. And many more things which you act and your children follow you because in this age they copy you. You are their role model.

So this is the age you control your children. When they grown up they went in school and colleges. At this time they saw many thing around them . But your grip from early age safe your children from all the bad things. Now in this age you give them space .

Right to choose

Give them right to choose their favorite subjects. Dont force them to complete your dreams. And those thing which you cant do in this age. In this stage students choose subjects and profession he want to. Some students go for medical line, some for engineer line and some for IT.

Some students wants to go for arts subjects They are interested in art. But parents refuse their choice. In their opinion the poet, writer, artist can’t earn money. They have no position in society. This is very wrong opinions. Dont force your children Let them do anything he want. First of all educate your selves that no profession is bad. Take confident to your children. Your confidence make them confident person.

Role of Society

    In my opinion if you give your society mature and honorable person then give confidence to your children. When they take education they like they struggled more to achieve their goals and take education by heart. They show more interest in their studies. And one day they achieved their goals and ready to give our society more educated peoples.

We make our country in best. And stand it in developed countries. Make good policies. And  give our country the best. This happened only when we educate our society well.

Educate yourselves

Not educate only for degrees but educates in good rules of lives. Our media is big institute to teach ordinary man. Teach society with good shows and debate programs. Guide the society for good and bad in our lives. If we know our duties well the society is automatically changed. For example we obey the traffic roles in broad but not follow the rules in our country.

We stand in a row when we are in other country. But feel shamed to stand in a row in own country. We give our services in low level to abroad but in own country we just proud to our degree and said this job is not my caliber. What is this difference in our thinking. We have to mature our selves. This matureness is not come from degree it come from our society. Our society let down those people who work in low level. This is not fair. We have to change our thoughts. Then automatically change our society. And then we call confidently that we are belong to an educated society and culture

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