Situation of Transgenders in Pakistan 2020 – Julie

     Transgenders of Pakistan – God made this earth and created all the creature. Around us beautiful birds animals plants and so many beautiful creatures exist. In all the creatures humans are noble. We consider humans only man and woman. But transgender also created by God. They are also human. We believe in God and this is made by God.

More Details on Transgenders of Pakistan

They are not completely man or woman they are in middle. They are born in normal way and in normal couples. Nobody know God will. Doctors said these children looks normal when born . When they grow they realize that if she is girl she has physical appearances as a girl but internally she feel that she is man. Just like this happened to boys.

Our Society

In our society parents feel shamed and not approach the doctor. The result is that transgender appear and his or her whole life become hell. Nobody except them. No education no job no rights no parents. Even the patents who gave them birth not own them. Their community see all the difficulties in their life because they have no job they live under the supervision of big transgender called guru.

Guru – Transgenders of Pakistan

When guru know that in this house born a transgender he takes the child. If parents did not agree he kidnaped the children. Transgender never leave the children if they know that belong to them. Most of the parents give them easily. Guru is like mother. He or she responsible to give all facilities to their Chaila. Guru teach them how to dance and performance.


Mostly  they earn money with dance in the ceremonies of marriages and new born babies home. They stand with heavy makeup in signals, beg and entertain the peoples. WIth no aims of life no home when they young earn money with entertainment and other activities but then they old they have nothing to do. They even can’t fulfill their needs at the end they go to death. They always live miserable life.

History with Mughals

      In the history The Mughals gave them respect they give them job in their Herms. They freely moved all places. The wives of Mughal take their services freely. When British came to India they stop all the things. In those days transgender’s loss their rights and positions.

In 1947 when Pakistan came into being nobody think about them . Even they have no identity card. Time goes and people aware about their problems. Govt take action. First step to made their id cards If they have more qualities or man they made man’s identity card and of they have woman’s they have woman identity card. Another problem is that if they are sick and go to hospital in which row they stand.

The rule of ID Card

Then the rule of identity card follow. Now they have right of vote. Law helped them. These are the facilities give them by Govt. But unfortunately these people did not know about their rights mostly. Now days their NGOs work for their rights. Many things changed. They got jobs. Many of them take education . but they are rare Most of them stand their where they stand in past.

Who’s responsible?

Our society is responsible for that. The parents have to know that not blame them . they born like that not their own will. They have never the right of heritage. But now the Govt give them the right of heritage according to law of heritage. Better thongs happened with the time.

Their societies worked for the rights of them and these societies are ran by transgender. We have to learn that no human being is less then pother human. They are less then by their appearances but they have also a mind. And brilliant mid. They thought they have skills. Dont waste them. They have heart. Dont hurt them . Motivate them they can take part in all the task of life. God made them. They are humans. Treat them like human.

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