Importance of Education in 2020

Education is very important for us. Hazret Muhammed Peace be Upon Him said take education from your birth to grave. Means their is no age to take knowledge. We educate our selves when we can. When a baby born his parents start planning to make him doctor, Engineer, Pilot etc.

Importance in Our Lives

Means we know the important of education in our lives. But do you think in your opinion who are educate that person who take degree from the university or that people who take experiences from their life. I think degree with the experience of life is the best education. So educate your children’s and make their personalities educate with your experiences. When a child is in the age of pre-schooling.

Best Age to Learn

This is the best age to teach him the best roles of life. Always speak truth. Keep neat and clean to your selves and surroundings. Obey elders. Love to all. Importance of prayer. Eat every healthy things. Tolerance what is in our religion. And many more things which you act and your children follow you because in this age they copy you. You are their role model.

So this is the age you control your children. When they grown up they went in school and colleges. At this time they saw many thing around them . But your grip from early age safe your children from all the bad things. Now in this age you give them space .

Right to choose

Give them right to choose their favorite subjects. Dont force them to complete your dreams. And those thing which you cant do in this age. In this stage students choose subjects and profession he want to. Some students go for medical line, some for engineer line and some for IT.

Some students wants to go for arts subjects They are interested in art. But parents refuse their choice. In their opinion the poet, writer, artist can’t earn money. They have no position in society. This is very wrong opinions. Dont force your children Let them do anything he want. First of all educate your selves that no profession is bad. Take confident to your children. Your confidence make them confident person.

Role of Society

    In my opinion if you give your society mature and honorable person then give confidence to your children. When they take education they like they struggled more to achieve their goals and take education by heart. They show more interest in their studies. And one day they achieved their goals and ready to give our society more educated peoples.

We make our country in best. And stand it in developed countries. Make good policies. And  give our country the best. This happened only when we educate our society well.

Educate yourselves

Not educate only for degrees but educates in good rules of lives. Our media is big institute to teach ordinary man. Teach society with good shows and debate programs. Guide the society for good and bad in our lives. If we know our duties well the society is automatically changed. For example we obey the traffic roles in broad but not follow the rules in our country.

We stand in a row when we are in other country. But feel shamed to stand in a row in own country. We give our services in low level to abroad but in own country we just proud to our degree and said this job is not my caliber. What is this difference in our thinking. We have to mature our selves. This matureness is not come from degree it come from our society. Our society let down those people who work in low level. This is not fair. We have to change our thoughts. Then automatically change our society. And then we call confidently that we are belong to an educated society and culture

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Youm-e-Ashura 10- Muharram 2020 in Pakistan

Muharram is the first month Islamic year. It also called month of Hazun. In Early days of Islam came into being wars are banned in some months. Muharram is also include in them. But in this month Muslims killed the grandson of Hazrat Muhammed Peace be Upon Him with his friends and family. Only his one son Imam Sajad is live because he was very ill and not fight with the forces of Yazeed. His sisters daughter wife and other women go to in the prison of Yazeed.

  Who is Yazid?

          Yazid’s grandfather name Abu Sufiyan his father name is Ameer Mavia. His grandmother name is Hinda. Hinda eat the heart of Hazrat Hamza who is the uncle of Hazrat Muhammed Peace be Upon Him in one battle. Mavia his father was so called khalif in that time. He is against Hazret Ali  a.s.  After the death of Hazret Ali a.s he  came  kalif with planning. Hazret Imam Hussan and Mavia had agreement.

Acceptance of Imam Hassan A.S

Imam hassan accept his govt. because he does not want battle. Mavia agree that after his death Imam Hussain make Khalif. bit he forget every cause of agreement and made his son Yazeed khalif. Yazeed is a bad man. He is Muslim but do all the things which was not liked by Islam . He drink he made law that you can married with your sister. This is not acceptable. He was rude and cunning man.

He said Hazrat Imam Hassain to obey him and do bait on his hand. But Imam Hussain does not accept. He said to yazeed I  am not like you and i can not bait on your hand.  Yazid want that Hazrat Imam Hassan should bait. Yazid was very merciless.  He decided to kill Imam Hussain as for making his desires. Yazid killed Imam Hussain but not win. He failed with all his plainings. Nobody wants take his name with their name. Nobody liked him. He finished with his whole family.

After Death – Muharram

Even after his death his son (his son name is also Mavia) does not take the position of calif He said to his father from your throne i smell the blod of Hussain. I dont want to make caif and he leave the merciness yazeed. He had painfull death which he deserve. His grave is full of rubish. His grave is the sighn of his badness. Yazeed go to hell Inshallah.God never forget him. We hate yazeed.

   Hazrat Imam Hussain A.S

       Hazrat Imam Husain is the grand son of Hazrat Muhammad Peace be Upon him. His grand gather name is Abu Talab he was the care taker and uncle of Hazret Muhammed pbuh and father name is Hazret Ali as. Mother name is Hazret bibi Fatima.

Brother  name is Hazret Imam Hassan as. He grow in the supervision of these great great and noble personalities. Hazret Imam Hassan as and Hazret Imam Hussain as  are the prince of Jannat. Their family is owner of Jannat. This is Quran said  


Imam Hussain as go to perform Haj with his family and friends. Women and children are with him. Total 72 people with him . Yazid does not allow them to perform Haj. Imam Hussain as changed their Haj into Umrah. After performing Umrah they start travelling to Kufa because people of Kufa write many letters to Imam Hussain as thar please come to kufa. When they reached Iraq one place where the horses stoped. Imam asked peoples what place is it? They said the name this place is Ninawa also people said this place kurbla. Imam purchase this place and stay their.

River frat float near this place. After few days he saw the army of Yazid which include 1000 man came here and made camp there. Imam welcomed them and give them and their horses water and meal. Army commander Hur said Imam that he want to kill him. Yazid orderd them.


Muharram – Imam smile and said to his companions Yazid killed him. Imam Hussain said his friends to leave him. But all refused. Even the night of Ashura Imam off the light and said them go. But nobody leave. They loved him. They said our souls are for you. We always with you and we never leaves you alone in this situation . Imam know the situation very well because Hazret Muhammed pbuh tell Althing’s about it. They know Yazid can not do mercy in his family
Yazi was merciless. He fight his family and friends one by one mattered. Hazret Abbas Hazrat Ali Akbar son of Imam Hazret Ali Asger a seven month old babby son of Imam Hussain. Hazret Qasim son of Imam Hassan nephew of Imam Hussain fourteen years boy. Hur leave the Yazid and he go with Imam and morterd by yazeedi force.


Habbib was an old man fight very bravely. At the Imam give all his dears in the way of Islam and for Allah. He was alone to go for battle. His sister Bibi Zainab helped him to ready for battle and helped him to sit in zuljana. He go for battle. He fight very bravely but at aser time a voice came to him Ai Hussain stop fight and pray Imam leave zuljina and go into sajda. Yazeedi run and used all things which gave pain to Imam shimmer came to Imam and cut his neck with knife. He stand his head into naiza.

Imam perform quran in the naiza. Yazeedi burn the tents. And prisoned all the bibies. Karbla gave new birth to Islam in Muharram. Hussain live for ever he save Islam he save qulma. He save the Muslims. Hussain live in our hearts. We in muharum performed azadaari. It continuously stand for ever Inshallah. After us our childes stand for Hussain. And then their childes. Azadari is in our blood.

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Life – Happy Married Life in 2020

Happy married life – How could you make your married life happy. What are the rules. Nobody say these are the perfect rules and regulation  of perfect married life. Life is not a subject that every one learn same. Every human have their own desires and different needs. But first rule of happiness is love. Then confidence to each other. If we have these two qualities we make our lives happy.

Young life

   When we married we are young. We have  no experience of life. We spend time very happily. Honeymoon time left and we are in practical life. This phase of time turned our lives in practical stage of life.

Difficulties & Responsibilities.

Many difficulties stand. Responsibilities waiting to our lives. Home office responsibilities and our desires make us uncomfortable this condition love go back in where. And first thinking for each other is you are changed. No we are not changed but our lives changed and it is on us how we adjust. Then we come parents & wife’s responsibility increase.

She take care her child and her house to. She does not give much attention to her husband and mostly husbands don’t understand this. They start searching for other. Only for friendship or we can say flirt. When this relation come to his wife knowledge confidence go back in where. These are the most common facts for unhappy married life.


If we understand the common problems of each other it could not happened. Woman do not like to share her husband to anyone. It is very big shock for her that husband interested in other woman. Now in this stage clashes start. Both are not want to destroy their relation. But both are not understand. If they both realize each other problems and helped to each other this situation is not happened

So third rule to understand each other. Some couples share their problem with others. Others  means their parents friends and family friends. This is their big mistake. Your problem is yours. Nobody understand . every body look your problem by their own way. And they also guide you in their way of thinking.

May be the solution given by your friend or any other is not suitable in your condition. And may somebody guide you in wrong way. May be somebody do not want you to happy in your home. So dont tell any body to your personal relations and problems. Dialogue with each other and get solution. This is another rule of happy life


    Respect your partners parents and family. If you cant do this your husband hidden the problems from you which belong to his family. And some time this thing hurt you. You told your husband by your act that he can believe you in all the matters of his family. If you do respect much respect given to your self


    Remember the anniversaries and give gift to each other. Take care of each other. That increase love in your married life. Some time such little action make you happy. Let worries out of your lives. Celebrate all the movements. Care each other desires or needs. Give space to each other. Never try to command each others. Let your husband go to his friends gathering. Make him happy. Some time change of atmosphere is changed the thinking. Be positive with your partner.

Blame Game

Dont blame each other. Difficulties came in life but it does not mean that we blame each other that this happened of you. If you do this this cant happened. Not this is not the way. Face the difficulties together. Let it out to your lives. Of you stand for each other nobody defeat you. This is the power given by God to husband wives.
      Your family is your future. So dont argue to each other and blame each others in front of your gamily. You are the hero of your family. Solve your problems in room.

Not in front of your family. Apologies your mistakes. Give valuable time to your partner and your family. Discussed things related your house with your family. Understand your family. Make your selves reliable for family. This is the key of happy married life.
    This is my opinion it is up to you how can you used this in your lives. Pray for others and yourselves. Always be happy.

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Cause of Broken Engagements in Pakistan

Broken – This year in our family three engagements broken. These three couples fall in love with each other. Engaged. Whole family came in function with gifts. Those who came make new dresses take new shoes and if they have children obviously they are ready too and spend a handsome amount to join the engagement function. Give them 2000 each to the couples. . But it fit for the whole situation. Maximum after one or one and half year they understand that they are not suitable for each other so they broken engagement. Finish. Now they are in search of another partner.

Love them again?

Who love them and again they spend our money in their engagements. It is my humble request for those people 👏Please
Dont do this to us we cant attend your ceremonies again and again. Please do what do you want to do in behalf of your self not engaged us. We cant give you money again and again we cant spend a-lot money in your so called engagements.

No Tolerance

   So guys do you think why they do this because they have no tolerance. When they engage a-lot acceptations have. They are always talk every thing they discussed. And their relation is not strong that time. They said they love each other but their is no love. Only affiliation. Even they can not believe to each other. Days gone they talk met without any permanent relation and result is that after few days they felt no decision is wrong so let the lover go in hell.

A new Search

Now Search for new lover. What happened to our young ones. Please be serious for this serious relation. Do not think that it is fun. In our society nobody blame boys but girls are always wrong in the eyes of our so called society. It is necessary to educate the girls. Engagement is not the legal relation. Dont trust any one. Do not spend time. Make distance an honorable
Relation make life happy. It is very difficult for parents to face this situation. Family members asked them very bitter questions and members enjoyed the situation


    They don’t think about the feeling of suffered family. They gossips in calls and meetings. Society do not forget any thing. So when you are in relation think carefully and be serious. This is not childhood game. This is serious. Make relation with one and make it strong. Think about your parents. They suffered much in whole situation. Tolerance is good quality. In that time you think with your heart not mined. And every thing go in wrong way. After engagement you are not husband wives you are just fiancé.

This is very weak relation. So do it with your brain not heart. Dont think only for your self think for others too. Be serious. Not to do again and again. This is not game. This is life. And you always close one chapter of life quickly and go for others. Past always with your life. And some time past destroys the present. Be careful for your future life. Make good past for healthy life.

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What is Life ? – Major Points

What is life. Is this the name of happiness. Struggle bitterness etc.… What is this? When a baby born. He cry and doctors said he is perfect because it is necessary for new born to weep. Then parents are happy for baby. Then he again cry parents understand that baby cry for milk he is hungry.

First Lesson

Then first lesson we take from life spoke for your need. Baby slowly grow now he cry but not only for hunger but also his needs. Need to change pamper need to give medicines for pain. When he grow he can talk and walk he can run. Then his needs change. His requirement changes.


His demands change. Now he want toys for playing and if the parents do not give it they cry and insist. After childhood he grow young. Now the meanings of life change. His dreams always in his eyes.

Good Education

He want every thing Good education lavish life. After completed education. He take first step in practice life. Now the meaning of life totally changed. He want good job for good life. He realized the important of money.


He want to earn money. Some time he cant. And some time he can. When he win his mood is full of joy. He think he conquered every task. Good job beautiful or handsome life partner and all the necessities of life. And if he looser. The meaning of living totally changed. He think all the humans of this word want to defeat him. He run after the money. But he cant do any thing .
    It means life is not equal for every one. Someone get every thing from it and someone get nothing. Someone win and someone looser.

It is not easy

Life is not the bed of flowers & it’s war. Yes it’s also the beautiful gift of God. We change our lives if we think what we have is enough for us . For more we work hard. Hard working never failed. After some time we achieved our goals and it become easier. When we only think against it, we cant achieve any thing. So love your lives. Life love you. Your lives give you many happiness.

A good quality

    The message is that good thinking is very good quality. It change all your community. Happiness is around you but you cant feel it. Because thoughts take you to that world in that you think. Good or bad it depends on you. Control your mind control your heart. You win

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Situation of Transgenders in Pakistan 2020 – Julie

     Transgenders of Pakistan – God made this earth and created all the creature. Around us beautiful birds animals plants and so many beautiful creatures exist. In all the creatures humans are noble. We consider humans only man and woman. But transgender also created by God. They are also human. We believe in God and this is made by God.

More Details on Transgenders of Pakistan

They are not completely man or woman they are in middle. They are born in normal way and in normal couples. Nobody know God will. Doctors said these children looks normal when born . When they grow they realize that if she is girl she has physical appearances as a girl but internally she feel that she is man. Just like this happened to boys.

Our Society

In our society parents feel shamed and not approach the doctor. The result is that transgender appear and his or her whole life become hell. Nobody except them. No education no job no rights no parents. Even the patents who gave them birth not own them. Their community see all the difficulties in their life because they have no job they live under the supervision of big transgender called guru.

Guru – Transgenders of Pakistan

When guru know that in this house born a transgender he takes the child. If parents did not agree he kidnaped the children. Transgender never leave the children if they know that belong to them. Most of the parents give them easily. Guru is like mother. He or she responsible to give all facilities to their Chaila. Guru teach them how to dance and performance.


Mostly  they earn money with dance in the ceremonies of marriages and new born babies home. They stand with heavy makeup in signals, beg and entertain the peoples. WIth no aims of life no home when they young earn money with entertainment and other activities but then they old they have nothing to do. They even can’t fulfill their needs at the end they go to death. They always live miserable life.

History with Mughals

      In the history The Mughals gave them respect they give them job in their Herms. They freely moved all places. The wives of Mughal take their services freely. When British came to India they stop all the things. In those days transgender’s loss their rights and positions.

In 1947 when Pakistan came into being nobody think about them . Even they have no identity card. Time goes and people aware about their problems. Govt take action. First step to made their id cards If they have more qualities or man they made man’s identity card and of they have woman’s they have woman identity card. Another problem is that if they are sick and go to hospital in which row they stand.

The rule of ID Card

Then the rule of identity card follow. Now they have right of vote. Law helped them. These are the facilities give them by Govt. But unfortunately these people did not know about their rights mostly. Now days their NGOs work for their rights. Many things changed. They got jobs. Many of them take education . but they are rare Most of them stand their where they stand in past.

Who’s responsible?

Our society is responsible for that. The parents have to know that not blame them . they born like that not their own will. They have never the right of heritage. But now the Govt give them the right of heritage according to law of heritage. Better thongs happened with the time.

Their societies worked for the rights of them and these societies are ran by transgender. We have to learn that no human being is less then pother human. They are less then by their appearances but they have also a mind. And brilliant mid. They thought they have skills. Dont waste them. They have heart. Dont hurt them . Motivate them they can take part in all the task of life. God made them. They are humans. Treat them like human.

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Respect the Poor People they deserve it

Do you believe that a poor man have respect. Any body trust him. His friends his family any body. The answer is NO A BIG BIG NO nobody trust him. This is true a bitter truth of life. If you have money in your pocket. A luxury car u have. You wear branded suit . Everyone give you respect you insult them you have no way of talk you are fool  but if you have money you are all in all. You look intelligent you look smart. You talk foolish but nobody mind.

Exploited Children

Your exploited children looks innocent to all. This is the miracle of money you have in your pocket. Every one interduce you he is my cousin he belong by whom to whom. They interfused their selves. Sir do you recognized me we met their or their or their.

A big truth of Society

This is the very big truth of our society. Even though parents behavior changed. One child earn much and another so so. Parents love their those children who have money. Sisters and brothers behavior changed. Nobody want to meet needy relatives. May be the poor one asked for help. If the poor person take care someone the other said he want help or something else. In functions of family first of all they forget to invite the needy person and if they invite their behavior is pain full.

What they gave?

They give him chair in the last row with their family. Every one pass the smile but nobody sit near them. The poor dead in their selves they felt all the behaviors of others. But do not talk anybody because if they say something the family who invite them say look they are jealous.


They had no manners. Is money is every thing. Feelings self respect of poor man is not important. That’s why our low standard relatives feels money is every thing.  Do you realize you sad others. Maybe, he hurt and Allah listen to him very closely then what you should do. Every thing is in God’s will. He said KUN means do and every thing is done.

May be God give them a lot what should you do. Please respect others although he rich or poor. You broken hearts to the other by your actions. God know every thing. And God listen quickly if the heart broken or hurtled soul. I saw many people dont bother it they hurt others by their one sentence or one act.
    Every soul made by God. God give mind and heart. Do you think God liked it. God says helped the neediest. Take care of others. Other side we are Muslims belong to Islam. Islam does not like divisions. Islam says every one equal nobody better then others. Namaz is the example .


In Ramzan every Muslims take fast in the same time. In haj every one insane dress named Ahram. A white piece of cloth. Then who we are to make divisions. Help others love others. This is our duty given by God and Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him.
Allah is every where. God is in their people. Respect others.

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Love Story of a Man and Women

Love Story – This is the story of a man and woman not girl and boy because they are not teenagers they are MAN AND WOMAN. They spend most of their lives. In that stage of life when people are matured they fall in love with each other.

Where Love Story started?

The man name (suppose) x and woman name is y. X and y belongs to most illtreat and foolish families. Both of the families think I am the best family. Mostly habits are familiar to both families. When they knows about x and y love they both act similar. They both play that role which most of Bollywood and Lollywood filmi parents act. They both said NO this marriage will not happened If they want to married then over their bodies after death. Both said we kill you but not accept this marriage.

Their Families

X and y also belong to that families how can they think maturely. Obviously their decisions is like their families. They married but not announced the marriage. One day the mother of x arrange her marriage with their brother in law’s brother without x permission. Even the engagement rings transfer to each other.

Now the sister of x is also involved with 3 children. X and y was so worried because they already married. Now they think what to do. They came to their mutual friends office and said them give them some advice. Their first shocked and said are you fool. But actually they are big fool. But he ready to help both.

First of all he went to meat x mother and father. When he told them that x get married to y they both were very angry. But what was he do Nothing. They ready to marry. But y ‘s parents disagree. They think they are son’s parents and nothing worse things happened. Now x’s family threat y marry her daughter otherwise they broken his bones.


Love change into fear. He ready to married x officially. X family invited some relatives and marriage ceremony held in very high standard hotel. You all said why. Relative were uneducated and simple. They all live un small village. When they came in that hotel they forget the marriage ceremony to saw that wonderful hotel and food. Even they not ask any question.

Finally Marriage

Marriage ceremony completed happily. X and y go to their house which x get in rent. They have nothing to live. Second day of marriage both fight each other. On that day till this day they both fight to each other. Love gone somewhere .
The x and y still married still fight.
Now you people tell what should the do

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Comparison between girls and boys in 2020

Comparison between girls boys – In our society people think that boys are better then girls means daughter is responsibility. Son make family. If in a family somebody has 4 daughters the society always thinks that Oh! what a bad thing happened.  Oh what a poor man four responsibilities over their shoulders.

Society | Comparison between girls boys

The man also belong to this society he always blame their wife. She did all the things.  Is she God she made daughters and sons. They even not educated the daughters. They always think about marriages. In teen age when she is innocent they give her tough life as a married women.

Our Last Prophet ( S.A.W)

Our last prophet Hazrat Muhammed Peace be upon be says doughters are rehmut God give this gift to those people who deserve for Rehmat. Early age when Islam is not exist the buried alive their new born daughter .After Islam Hazrat Mohmmad pbh take action of it he stop this nonsense. They teach people girls are not burden they are not less then boys.

Equal Rights

They have equal rights. If the boy have right to study girls also. In heritage law in Islam girls have the rights and nobody challenge it. Not society not law. 
    Now people thinking is change. But not all society. They loved their daughters. Give them education . Give them proper diet. Proper facilities of life. Girls are handworkers. The average rate of education is increased in girls. Girls had better results. First positions always lead by girls. Girls are not less then boys. The girls can fly airplane. They work in important departments like police courts  banks they can drive trucks example is Zahida khatun.

Work Ethics

They run factories most they are business women even they run their business very smartly. They are in media. Girls work every where in every part of lives. They support their parents better then sons. Girls have double duty in their lives. If she working lady she did her job at office time. But after office time she control her house matters.

Daily life of a girl

Cooking washing even she take care of her children. She did her all the responsibilities  very well. In villages the duty of women is very tough. She take care of her house. Also take care her animals. Wash cows take milk from cow and feed the animals. It is also her duty to work in fields. Even woman belong to city or village her life is so difficult.


The place from she work or house both are very hard challenge for her. She live very difficult life daughters fulfill their duties till the death. She take care her house husband children. Few people give respect and love to their wives. Most the people think it is her duty. She have to do this. Actually women did not know their rights. Law give them all type of protection but women did not know. Even women did not know the women police station is exist. Uneducated society finished every positive things.

The Moral

These things teach us please love to your daughters. Stand on her back when she start study when she work even when she married. Dont leave her alone. Respect your daughters. Love your daughters. She love you care for you. It is your duty to give her confidence to her self . And self respect also. She win all the stages of life tasks.

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