TikTok Ban in Pakistan – Banning Culture

TikTok Ban in Pakistan – Oh! I am very sad that tiktok is banned in Pakistan . TikTok is only an easy plate forum for these people who want to be an actor but due to some circumstances they can’t show their talent and for those people who live in villages and interiors and they do not have enough money to make their dreams true.

How it works

They make small videos with their mobile camera and upload . Other people saw those videos and enjoyed them. They make videos and show their sentiments about the country, about friends about society, about relatives about things they face in their lives. Capture nature in their cameras. TikTokers photos and uploaded that stuff. They actually uploaded their feelings. They fight against their depression.

Time goes very fast and professional third degree actors and street transgenders enter this forum for recognition. They act badly. Their videos were not good. They do anything for fame.

Slowly the criminals and politicians came. And they threaten people. Make videos for their crimes. And prove themselves as heroes. Political parties run their political wings in the platform of tiktok. The atmosphere of tiktok seemed bad bad bad or bad.

Who is Responsible?

Ok now who was responsible for this. The Government was sleeping when it happened. When these videos are uploaded where are the rules and regulations. Suddenly everybody stood against TikTok. Someone thinks what happened to those people who worked hard to make their positions in TikTok. Millions of people are their followers .

Effect of Banning TikTok

This is the result of their hard work. And suddenly announced control to yourself. Those bad people who want only fame by hook and crook never follow any rules and regulations. Why they control themselves. And in the end the result is that the forum was banned. And those people who earned money from that are closed.

The result is that many people are disheartened. In this world all the people have problems in their lives. They want to laugh and want to get rid of their sorrows. They want to enjoy a healthy enjoyment.

We have no opportunities to enjoy. For enjoy we do not have money and sources. Tiktok is the way to enjoy without any expenses. The housewives enjoyed this app when they were free from their work. People forget their problem to see videos for the time being. Because if we on the T.V many horrible news are ready for depression. Increment of electricity bills increment in grocery price increment expense in death and birth. Many problems stand in front of common man. Open YouTube open Facebook and other apps same things happen. There is no way of enjoyment and fun.

A Request From Public

We request please don’t stop the fun please unbanned the TikTok with rules and regulation. Banned those peoples who destroyed the nice atmosphere. Banned those people who live only for themselves. They never act like educated peoples. They never live like responsible citizens and never had rules and regulation in their lives. All of them only want fame and money. Banned them never banned TikTok.

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Banking in Pakistan in 202

Banking In Pakistan is very honorable profession. All the peoples know about bank. But very few people know how it start. Bank is the word start by “bench” Because in very long time when barter system was not fulfill the requirement of people and the concept of money increased.

People give and taken money for purchasing and sailing things. Money was used in trade. And for all purpose then some people start money exchange in benches. The word bench is convert in bunk and after some time it change in bank. Bank is the modern way of bunk.

Those days only a bench is the source of given and taken no hard rules applied. But now bank have a big establishment. Not only exchange of money but very useful for business and necessary for businessman . All the industry run by in the result of banking.

Either agriculture small industry big industry import export all the developed country need banks. Bank provide many facilities which is required by business.

Banking in Our Country

Many banks work in Pakistan. United bank Muslim commercial bank Punjab and Sindh bank standard chartered etc. National bank is very important it work directly with state bank .. State bank is controlled and make policies for all banks. In these banks some are private and some are semi government banks.

All banks work for the development of country. They make many policies. They opened accounts for their funds. Profit and loss account is the example. Customer transferred their money for all purpose with the help of bank in all the world.

Bank give them the opportunities and safe atmosphere for exchange their funds. The bank helped the customer to save their funds in the way to open current and profit and loss sharing accounts. They make many policies to serve the customers in many ways. Bank provide the facilities of ATM  by given debit and credit cards.


It give the facility of bank draft and TT. Customer feel save and comfortable to exchange money for all purpose. In traveling the travel checks safe customers. Now a days exchange of handsome amount is very easy and safe with the help of banks.

You can transfer money in all the part of world in any time. No time loss. Business dealings become very easy and safe.
  Bank provide loans for the people. From those loans they start small and big business. Bank take very reasonable interest in these loans. Bank pleged the property and give them loan and give them facility to return loan in installments.

Very reasonable interest taken by bank in front of these instalments. When business run customer is able to return loan. If business not run then bank give all their favors to the customers because bank want to developed the country.

Microfinance Banking In Pakistan

Now a days many micro finance companies exist. They give small loans to the people. Their hard and fast rules is belong to the general banking in other word they followed the banking rules. But they give very small loans. Now a common man understand that how could he get loan from bank and fulfill their needs. Bank give loans for business educational loans house building loans etc.
    Consumer banking is the branch of general banking. Car loans credit cards loans are available. Now a days a salary man can purchase car and house. The facility of installments  is very useful.

If we have no enough purchasing power to purchase expensive things. Bank help you. Now nothing is impossible. You can educate your children marry your children build house start any kind of business purchase cars and purchase all the things you need in your life with the help of banks.

Accounts Types at Banking In Pakistan

Bank give the facility to old retired people of saving accounts. They take money to complete their needs in the way of monthly interest which given by bank on their savings. Bank helped to pay your utilities bill at your home door.
   In these days online banking helps people and bankers serve the nation just like doctors. In front way. If the banking stop that days the nation could stop. So the bankers give their services to all their clients. 
    So the importance of banks is not ignored. Bank paid important rule in our economy. They provide their services in day and night. Many peoples are their employees and earn money for their families. And they give their services for us. Read more about Banking In Pakistan at TheSoftcloud.

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Result and Friendships for Young Age

Result – Today the matriculation result of my son announced. By the grace of God he passed his matriculation. He was so excited. At 5 o clock the result announced. He saw result at the site of government board. Being a mother and father we both were so worried. He perform his paper but due to disease his practices were not done.

So we do not know what happen. But he clear the exam. We are happy. Their friends also clear the exam but one of his friend have supply in two papers. He was very sad. Their all friends promote but he is not. But this us life Mishaps comes and life gone in its speed. He repeated and give supplementary exam inshaALLAH he will pass the exam.

The First Step of life

Matric is first step of life. Now successful students go to college. College is second step. Now admissions opened. Students take admission. Some is go for FSC some for ICS some for simple fa and some for I-com. When they enter in college they enjoyed college life. But does not forget school life. They always remembered. But life always changed. Step y step. This is the reality of life.
   Today some students are happy and they make plans every body wished them. They have many dreams in their eyes. And they plane how they get admission in college. A list of colleges make in their minds. New bag new uniform new friends and new teachers waiting for them. And those who cant passed the exams are worried about their future. But dont worry one day you win the task. Don’t get dishearten next time work hard and have a successful life. Best of luck


The most expensive relation is friendship. All relation we have is natural. Brother sister mother father and others but friendship is the relation of heart. We  make friends by heart. We have no blood or cast relation with friends. Whom we like most and whom understand  we make him or her friend. In childhood this friendship relation is so sweat. In those days so clear tractions we have with our friends. We fight argue and agree but still we are friends. In friendship we always take care of each other.
   We never forget the childhood friends. Those days we were so innocent. Paly and fight. These were the two aims of life. At night we fight and in morning forget all the things. Life was so beautiful. But now we grow up. We make new friends but old is gold. We never forget them. Some sentences some games and some events .

Good Time We Spend

Always remember good time we spend with our friends. When we were in class teacher thought the class and pin drop silence was in the class room. But we talk in writing. I still have those pages. Those friendship band. Make for each other with colorful threads. When we give to each other we all are is happy and we think that those friendship bands are so expensive. Those opinion books in which we always spoke truth. Was that truth is good or bad for ourselves. But truth was truth. No hidden feelings all the things were clear, no double crossing, no cheating and we were happy by heart. Make decision by heart not with mind.

What is good or bad not exist in mind. Always think good and do good for each other. Help each other.

After We Grow Up

Always remembered. Now we grown up understand all the relations. But not to get satisfied because our friendship is not real. We met each other for our desires. Not for friendship. We give positions to people for our requirement. We are mean people. Real friendship is disappear. why we lost this precious thing from our lives. This materialistic world change our thinking. We changed our thoughts and forget the role of friendship. We lost love and happiness. That’s why depression is common in our lives. All the peoples worried about their future.

A Friend in need is a Friend indeed

Always think about our selves not for others. If a friend or other or in some difficulty we dont help them but feel satisfied in our selves. And think that we are not in that  difficulty even it not happened to us . These things forget us all the good feelings. So get rid of these thinking love human beings make friends share all your feelings and happiness with them. This world is become beautiful. Try it.

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