Turks – An old History of World

Turks play a major role in transportation. It is very helpful means of our transport. Their drivers have very interesting role. They always in traveling. Their whole life spend in roads. In other words truck is their other house. In Pakistan Turk culture have powerful role in transportation. They transferred all types of goods from one place to another place. When we travelled by road we saw many trucks with colorful pictures.

These pictures made by local artist. And this work is convert to him by their father to grand grand father. This art is their family traditional art which transferred generation to generation. They understand the nature of colors. This art work is only found in Pakistan. Now this art work convert into a industry. Many people belong to it and earn money Even in America people like this art work and now a days they want to learn it. In abroad we saw this art in wagons and other transport means.


These Turks take goods from ports other cities and always in roads. They travelled Karachi to Peshawar without taking rest. When they want to sleep they stop the Turk to road side and sleep. In very hot weather they cant take rest they travelled. Without them our trading can not grow. These are necessary mean to transfer goods to their market.


Truck culture is very interesting. Their drivers are strong and hard workers. They worked in any conditions and any weather. In rain in winter in fog in hot days they always at road. They also have families. But they sacrifice for their families. They face all the conditions boldly. They travelled all the areas without any fear. When they reached to service stations they take rest and eat. After take tea they start travelling .They entertain their selves by loud music.  They have no other entertainment because in 30 days of month they are in roads. Because of heavy loading they travelled very slowly and carefully. They cant undertake other traffic. They have their own speed. Usually they travelled in groups. Mostly we saw a long line of Turks in night with slow speed. That’s why they reached their destination very late. The travelling of 24 hours they complete in 48 hours because of loading heavy goods.


Their life is very difficult. Brave drivers do this duty. A strong minded person can perform this duty an ordinary driver cant do this job. We have to appreciate their drivers. They are brave and strong. Their families also aprciatable because without their contribution the drivers could not perform. This is very responsible job because they are responsible of that goods which loaded in their Turk and a lot of money involved in. So they are responsible.  We saw color full Turks but their internal life is different. Difficult and tasked able. We have to appreciate them.

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Stories that matter in 2020

Stories – We belong to that culture in which we have many love stories. Some are true and some is only in books we dont know it happened or not. But in our society love is not allowed. It seems to be very bad thing. Any how when we grow we listen about Laila Majno, Heer, Ranjha, Sassi, Pouno Romeo Juliet. Romeo Juliet is not from us but because of their love story we think they will live in our nearest city. In other words they are our neighbors. I mean their love story is very common to listen.

Laila Majnu

We saw many films which belongs to that characters. Laila and Majno study together in class. If the teacher beat Laila majno feels the pain of stick. How romantic is. Heer Ranjha other characters. Mr. Ranjha was the little brother of six brothers. He saw heer. Fall in love with her. But their uncle Kaidoo dont like it.

Ranjha start job in the cattle form of heer’s father. He wash cows and serve them. Heer make churi( a punjabi sweet meal) and went to jungle for Ranjha. Any how their families fight with each other but at the they agree to merry but uncle kaidoo give them poison so Heer Ranjha died. Their tomb is in Jhang .

The Second Phase of Stories

Sassi Puno they both love to each other. Again they met in jungle. Sassi is married her sister in law also love pouno. Sassi cross the river with the help of Ghagra. And she died in river. Pouno jumped in river and also died.
    Many other stories of love exist in our culture. Many dramas and films make in that characters. Baba Bullay shah wrote poetry in that characters.

Famous Stories

Any how my point is that we have that love stories but when some body love to each other in our surrounding then why all the society play the role of cha-cha kaidoo. Nobody helped them. Their parents behave like they did very bad thing. All the members of society stand against them.

All the people try to separate them. Their families makes many excuses. One is that we cant marry out of family. Other is they never belong to us their cast is not belong to us. They speak other language. At that time we forget all the roles of Islam. We are not Pakistani at that time neither humans that time.


All of us seems another creatures another planet. The couple who fall in love to each other is the creatures of another planet. At that time we also forget that our religion give right to the girls to choose life partner for her. Even she purposed . Hazret Khadija sent her proposal for Hazret Muhammed S.A.W and he accept. Even Hazret Khadeeja is elder then Hazret Muhammed S.A.W. We are Muslims we believe Allah and  Hazret Muhammed S.A.W is the last prophet and we obey the Sunnat.

Then why in this point we forget all the thing and what we remember is our family rules. That roles which usually not appear in our normal lives. Specially for girls these roles have strong positions. If a girl love somebody this is the end of life for her. Nobody realized the situation of her mind and heart anybody supposed to be enemy for her.
     Why we play double games. Why we dont accept the reality of lives. These stories are only stories for us. We listen that stories as fun . What is that behavior of our society.  Do you accept that all poets are fake. All stories all feelings are fake. They are liars. Our  culture basics is belong to that thoughts. Are these all thoughts wrong?


I dont understand the double standards of our society. Does we changed the thoughts. Or do we changed our society. This is the question I leave. Give me the answer. If you have. Do we give our children right to choose right to love and right to live with their own choice. Let them free for their own choice. Stand with them they trust you.
  Actually you give them that confidence that they share all their feelings with you. They trust you . And then we can say that we own that all love stories. This is our culture this is our religion this is our society. We proud to our culture.
  Being a Muslims we are lucky because we already have solutions of all our problems.  From birth to death. We have guidelines and we confident that our children understand all.

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Proud of What We Are

 Proud-We are Muslims and We believe that all the things which happen from the side of God. It is good or bad God knows which thing is better for us. For the time being its hurt but after some time we realized that it is good for us.  So we believe only a God. Who knows every thing. It is our duty to do good. Perform our duties by heart and God gives us result. May be it takes time. But it happened. The result will come and we forget all our difficulties which we face during our handwork period.
    Humans need result quickly they do not like to wait. When there wishes not fulfilled they think it is there bad luck. God give them difficulties all the time may be God is angry with them that’s why God does not listen to their prayer. But it is wrong God never leave their peoples.

You are heard

God always near by us that’s why we are Proud. God knows when his wishes come true. Before time nothing is happened. When time come all the worries difficulties and bad luck were go and life is go smoothly. .
   So dont worry about your life some plane make but leave them in God. Don’t think what happened in future believe in God. Work hard for your aims. Walk on the way which God give.

The Path

That path of life reached you in your targets. Obey the principals which give God. Pray five time. Nawaz is the way to talk with Allah. When we pray our soul is in peace. And we satisfied with our lives. And trust the God. All the good things come to our lives and happiness come to our lives. So dont worry be happy . Believe in God. Strong  believe get your lives easy. God give you life how could it happened that he does know your desires. He know all the things. Always thanks to Allah he give us proper personalities. Proper body parts. Make a complete human. Thanks to Allah for giving all the good things.

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Use of Mobile Phones in Our Daily Life

Mobile phones are very important thing now a days. Every body have mobile. Every body want android and iPhone. What is the difference between these two mobile no information ahead. But know the name and good to listen. I agree that today mobile is necessity but not for every one. Many people used the mobile for their job requirement purpose. They actually know that how to use this product.

File Management

Manage the files its memory is perfect safe data used for meetings always connected to everyone use for send e mails etc. Students also used it for their study. It used to save lectures with internet they research in different fields. Today because of this disease online classes held and many students didn’t have laptop they worked at mobile.

They have easy excess to all his subjects. Where the book have no advance information mobile provide with the help of internet. Many students earn money with internet. They are Youtuber’s make graphics in different ways. Without mobile it is not possible. Mobile is their video camera mobile is recorder mobile is their still camera.

Advantage of Mobile phones for Students

For a student who relate with IT mobile is every thing for them. These are the few qualities we find. But in the opposite site the negative usage of mobile is also work. Those people who does not know about the mobile have modern devices. And they used it only for entertainment. Looking Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and other entertaining things. They have no idea that they destroyed them selves with their phone device. Because they have no knowledge to usage.

Viral Personal Information

They viral their data and personal it formations without any idea that this information is harmful. Those people who knows about this device very well. Take their personal information. Even they hack their devices get their personal pictures and videos they also reached to their addresses and mobile numbers. And began to black male them.

Innocent users does not know about the cyber crime law they easily captured. The criminal minded peoples use their personal data for their own purpose. Many users held suicide and finish their lives. That’s why this device is harmful for our society. When we used mobile and internet learn all the rules and regulation. It is very important.

Usage at our Home

In our houses this device make our family time to “THE END”. All family members have their own mobile and also they have internet too. After entering the mobile the voices of house stopped all the family members busy in phones. Talk to each other worth the help of Whatsapp and messaging each other. Even family Whatsapp group made.

If you want to talk with each other in happiness or sadness talk in Whatsapp use emoji to express the feelings. All kind of emojis are available. In love hungry shock. thrill, happy, sad, thoughtful, amazing and so many others. Even you give smile to each other with that emojis.

Now the feelings are expressed with Whatsapp. If you want to wish and if you want to asked for health then used this. Now the news of death is in the face book. The date of birthday also you know from face book and also wished with the help of Facebook. Means emotions go to hell. Get mobile and express all your feelings. The family links destroyed by this.

Stories and Entertainment

We listen stories from our grandfather and grandmother but now  todays childes watch movies and stories in mobile. The strong relations are destroyed. And this is truth that mobile can not teach us the advices given by grandparents. So we lose all these things in our lives. It give us temporary happiness.

The true happiness is vanished. We belong to that society in which relations and families are important but it make it weak.
The result is that we can use mobile in good ways or also in bad ways. It depends us.  Use the mobile but in proper time and proper way. The misuse us give pain not only to related people but also for user. So it is good invention not turned into bad invention. This is very help full for all purpose of life. It used in all professions.  It developed all time more modern techniques include in it.
  Used mobile not to allow it to use your selves.

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Stage Drama Industry in Pakistan

Stage Drama- When I said that I am going to see stage drama. Every one looking shocked. Because today stage is not serious stage. It kidnaped by those peoples who only want to earn money. This stage is for them only the source if income. Its respect and honor nothing is mean to them. They use all those things to make ordnance which is not accept in our society or you can say not liked in our society.

Talented Actors

We have very talented actors who performed in stage. But they worked in compulsion. Because they have to run their houses with the income that they earn from the stage. When these actors performed in other countries they won the stage. And every body liked them. Most of them are very talented. Even though most of them have no professional degrees but have life experienced. They spend life as a experience. In their word we can see the experience. They write and direct a stage drama.

This is not only their fault that they does not write good drama but it is also the fault of ordnance. They want to see these dancers in the stage. Dance is not a bad thing. It is an art. And everybody cant learn it. It is selected person who learn teach and performed it. Unfortunately we have not many dance academies. We have few peoples who take this art seriously. Rear names we have.

Stage Dancers in Pakistan

So in this condition stage dancers destroyed the art of dance. They used stage for destroy the art of dance. And now the picture is not clear. Most of the people hates the word dance and also does not like dancers. Serious theater changed in stage drama. Ajo ka theater Fiaz Ahmed theater has disappeared now only stage drams appear where the message of art disappear. Only foolish dialogues and foolish sight exist.

Most of audience uneducated and in depression. They fed-up with his daily routine. So they come and liked that foolish comedy which performed by actors. And liked that songs and dance performance. They only want to enjoy no matter what is he listen and see is right or wrong. That’s why the audience of stage dramas are not educated. Families does not like to came for see the stage dramas.

Real Comedy of Stages

We have many respectful name in comedy. They spend their whole life to perform like

  1. Rangeela
  2. Nanha
  3. Munver Zareef Lahri
  4. Ali Ijaz etc. They are real comedian. They are not only performed in cinema screen but also performed in theater. We also have serious theaters but few.

These theaters work in under the difficult condition. Because they have not enough ordnance for service. They cant afford their own expenditures. They cant pay actors so their work is in limited. In other the professional actors of stage that worked now a days earn well. They can afford all their expense. They performed in many dramas and these dramas have no story and no subject. Only vulgarity is seen.

Money by Hook and Crook

No dialogue no plot no theme. But only make money by hook and crock. This is our society ‘s fault to stop the serious theater. The sensor board is exist but they allow all the things because they also need money. In other words the theater the drama the comedy is that things which we lost This is not art this is only the art of money.

Increasing income not the increasing position. Govt is also responsible. The government does not promote art. They have no policies about the art and actors not only stage or theater but all kind of entertainment industries. That’s why we failed. Nobody take it serious and nobody adopt this industry. If this happened all the time the theater is going to be end. And we destroy it.

Our Responsibilities

So we have to be recognized our responsibilities. Not only blame the actors also understand the problems of them . and then make the policies. We have to invite the serious audience and give them confidence that they go to see drams with their families without any hesitation. It is important for our culture. Many peoples belong to this industry. They have right to earn Make them confident to work hard to achieve the goals and the government is responsible for all its right. Then we change the environment.

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A Brief Explanation of Women Rights.

Women rights – Women have very difficult life. Even she belong to developed country or un developed country. Even though she educated or uneducated. In different society her difficulties are difficult. A woman who is house wife had different difficulties. And the woman who is doing her job have different. In our society woman even does not recognized by her self.


She always need recognition of their father husband and then family. Women is always under control of others who is her father brother husband and then son. She does not have the right of speech and can’t express her feelings her personality. Life is totally depended. She struggled all her life. Although the house stand in her weak shoulder.

A house wife who has no position in society. She get up early in the morning . When she awake many responsibilities ready for her. She look after her children her husband and her house. First of all she go to kitchen make breakfast. Then ready the children for school and ready her husband for job. Then neat and clean the house. Wash clothes wash bathrooms and do many other work. It is her duty to make meal. It is her duty to do all the work which belong to home.

Even she has no time for her self and if she is also working lady then his duties are double. She have to look after house along with her job. It is her duty to look after children both house not his husband duty. The man only work out side. When he come back home from his job he is tired he need rest but woman had not no right to tired she does need rest. So she full fill her job along with the responsibilities of her home. It is her duty to face relatives. If they visit then entertain them. Not her husband duty.

Women Rights in Islam

We are Muslims and in Islam women have many rights even legally she has many right but she does know about her rights. She has no awareness about her right. And no body tell her about it. Because our society is male dominating society. Men command and women listen. If she replied this is very bad thing in our society. In villages the women have more versed position. She performed in house as well as in fields. Take care her house and also take care animals. It is her duty to take care cows and take milk from the cows, wash the animals and eat them. She provide all the things which her house need.

Women Rights in Society

In our society all rights disappear when a woman need. Today many woman take education. They are doctors lawyers piolets and work in armed forces. But their is some thing missing in their lives. Few no of women satisfied their lives. Most of the women disturbed. They cant expressed their feelings. Women work hard all their lives but not doing a single thing for her selves. They cant stand for their rights. 

Woman always spend her life for others. Without leave no promotion and no increment. She worked and worked. A little appreciation make her happy. But not body appreciate her even her parents. Their parents give more attention to their son. Give him mote opportunities then her daughter. If the son does not want to study but the parents take admission in high standard school give them more facilities then girl.

Even the son is not intelligent but he has right to study in good school in good circumstances. She admit in normal institutes. Take education in behalf of her intelligence. More of the girls loose all her rights of life. They accept that they are lower position citizens of house and country. And all the life they only perform their duties. And after death even in her grave her name is not important wife of that or that written .


In Islam the write of heritage given to the daughters. But nobody give her and she has no awareness about the right that’s why she does not take stand for it. It is the duty of our government to teach and give awareness of our women in our society. Start regulations for the rights of women. Women are the big part of society. They performed in all intuitions. Women are in politics even in rulers areas they stand for elections and select. They performed in parliament. And doing good jobs in all professions. So it is necessary.

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Resident Information about Rahim Yar Khan

Rahim Yar khan – When I came Rahim Yar khan from Karachi. Karachi is a big city. Rahim yar khan is a small city. But my second love is Rahim yar khan. I spend my very expensive time in this city. My two sons born here.I love this city.


      Rahim Yar khan is situated in south Punjab.  Nawab Sadiq is its founder. Its name Rahim Yar khan is the name of his son. Rahim Yar khan is a deserted area. It is the part of Cholistan. It is attached with border of India. When we go to desert we can see the border. People of Pakistan and India easily visit both of the countries village. Small villages situated in desert. Even their language and dresses are common we cant recognized either he is Indian or Pakistani. They both attend the festivals of each others.


Many languages spoke here. Mostly Punjabi and Saraiki. Urdu and Sindhi is also  common but Saraiki is its main language. Many words of Saraiki and Sindhi’s are common. Saraiki is very sweat language.

Traditional Dress

Most of the people wear shalwar kameez which is also our national dress. People of Cholistan recognized by their dresses. They wear big shalwar and Turban at their heads. Turban is the big piece of cloth that wear around the head. Mostly Ajrak is used by Women wear Ghagra and kurta and used many bangles in their arms from shoulder to hand. Usually the women are in Ghungat. In city people wear shalwar kameez paint shirts and women wear all type of dresses which mostly liked Muslim women.

Famous Colors

The Cholistan people used traditional colors. Bright and loud like orange shocking green and maroon etc..

Living standard

Rahim Yar khan is a rich city. Their living standard is high. Most peoples have their own houses. Very rear people live in rented houses. Mostly peoples have their own business. Many peoples belong to agriculture. Pesticide business are popular. All the banks work hear. So the people have jobs in banking side. All the telecommunication companies worked here. 

We have all the brands in Rahim Yar khan. Nishat khadi bonanza oxford gull Ahmed etc. Many outlets of rich brands work here. The peoples are modern .Most of the peoples have all the needs. They like bikes but you can see all types of cars their. Most common and most expensive both varieties are available. Their are mostly big houses build.


Hoteling is common in here. People like to go out side and eat. They enjoy their lives.
We have many modern hotels in Rahim Yar khan .In side and out sides both facilities are available. If you want to conduct conferences and business dinners you have all the facilities. KFC and Almeda is available. Variety of traditional food and fast food is available. Café Lamiz, Café D’Bono , Canal country club,  Pizza Town, Hot chicks etc.. Are the good points many others work here and they worked fabulous. All types of ice cream like Chamman available. You have all the things you want to be taste.
Markets and shopping points


You have all the modern brands here. Main bazar Sadiq bazar, Bano market are the places where you can buy all the things of life. Two main maundies work here. Modern shopping malls also worked. For grocery Rohi quras Aisha mall are best. Many moor plaza’s  are in process. You can buy all things which you can buy from Islamabad Karachi and Lahore.


This city have rich and modern infrastructure. Carpeted roads big plazas modern buildings fly overs pull gardens grounds stadiums all the facilities which is in big city you have in Rahim Yar khan.


In Rahim Yar khan you have all good names of schools. Beacon house, Al Huda, Lahore grammar, Shaikh Khalifa, Shaikh Zaid, educator and many many more. Their are many good school system. Alama Iqbal university virtual university worked here. Islamic, Ncbae, superior, Punjab all the colleges worked. The big name of IT university Khawaja freed university also the big name. Shaikh Zaid medical college and university start their work. The result of board is high. Many government and private institutes situated. Education rate is very high.

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Importance of Education in 2020

Education is very important for us. Hazret Muhammed Peace be Upon Him said take education from your birth to grave. Means their is no age to take knowledge. We educate our selves when we can. When a baby born his parents start planning to make him doctor, Engineer, Pilot etc.

Importance in Our Lives

Means we know the important of education in our lives. But do you think in your opinion who are educate that person who take degree from the university or that people who take experiences from their life. I think degree with the experience of life is the best education. So educate your children’s and make their personalities educate with your experiences. When a child is in the age of pre-schooling.

Best Age to Learn

This is the best age to teach him the best roles of life. Always speak truth. Keep neat and clean to your selves and surroundings. Obey elders. Love to all. Importance of prayer. Eat every healthy things. Tolerance what is in our religion. And many more things which you act and your children follow you because in this age they copy you. You are their role model.

So this is the age you control your children. When they grown up they went in school and colleges. At this time they saw many thing around them . But your grip from early age safe your children from all the bad things. Now in this age you give them space .

Right to choose

Give them right to choose their favorite subjects. Dont force them to complete your dreams. And those thing which you cant do in this age. In this stage students choose subjects and profession he want to. Some students go for medical line, some for engineer line and some for IT.

Some students wants to go for arts subjects They are interested in art. But parents refuse their choice. In their opinion the poet, writer, artist can’t earn money. They have no position in society. This is very wrong opinions. Dont force your children Let them do anything he want. First of all educate your selves that no profession is bad. Take confident to your children. Your confidence make them confident person.

Role of Society

    In my opinion if you give your society mature and honorable person then give confidence to your children. When they take education they like they struggled more to achieve their goals and take education by heart. They show more interest in their studies. And one day they achieved their goals and ready to give our society more educated peoples.

We make our country in best. And stand it in developed countries. Make good policies. And  give our country the best. This happened only when we educate our society well.

Educate yourselves

Not educate only for degrees but educates in good rules of lives. Our media is big institute to teach ordinary man. Teach society with good shows and debate programs. Guide the society for good and bad in our lives. If we know our duties well the society is automatically changed. For example we obey the traffic roles in broad but not follow the rules in our country.

We stand in a row when we are in other country. But feel shamed to stand in a row in own country. We give our services in low level to abroad but in own country we just proud to our degree and said this job is not my caliber. What is this difference in our thinking. We have to mature our selves. This matureness is not come from degree it come from our society. Our society let down those people who work in low level. This is not fair. We have to change our thoughts. Then automatically change our society. And then we call confidently that we are belong to an educated society and culture

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Youm-e-Ashura 10- Muharram 2020 in Pakistan

Muharram is the first month Islamic year. It also called month of Hazun. In Early days of Islam came into being wars are banned in some months. Muharram is also include in them. But in this month Muslims killed the grandson of Hazrat Muhammed Peace be Upon Him with his friends and family. Only his one son Imam Sajad is live because he was very ill and not fight with the forces of Yazeed. His sisters daughter wife and other women go to in the prison of Yazeed.

  Who is Yazid?

          Yazid’s grandfather name Abu Sufiyan his father name is Ameer Mavia. His grandmother name is Hinda. Hinda eat the heart of Hazrat Hamza who is the uncle of Hazrat Muhammed Peace be Upon Him in one battle. Mavia his father was so called khalif in that time. He is against Hazret Ali  a.s.  After the death of Hazret Ali a.s he  came  kalif with planning. Hazret Imam Hussan and Mavia had agreement.

Acceptance of Imam Hassan A.S

Imam hassan accept his govt. because he does not want battle. Mavia agree that after his death Imam Hussain make Khalif. bit he forget every cause of agreement and made his son Yazeed khalif. Yazeed is a bad man. He is Muslim but do all the things which was not liked by Islam . He drink he made law that you can married with your sister. This is not acceptable. He was rude and cunning man.

He said Hazrat Imam Hassain to obey him and do bait on his hand. But Imam Hussain does not accept. He said to yazeed I  am not like you and i can not bait on your hand.  Yazid want that Hazrat Imam Hassan should bait. Yazid was very merciless.  He decided to kill Imam Hussain as for making his desires. Yazid killed Imam Hussain but not win. He failed with all his plainings. Nobody wants take his name with their name. Nobody liked him. He finished with his whole family.

After Death – Muharram

Even after his death his son (his son name is also Mavia) does not take the position of calif He said to his father from your throne i smell the blod of Hussain. I dont want to make caif and he leave the merciness yazeed. He had painfull death which he deserve. His grave is full of rubish. His grave is the sighn of his badness. Yazeed go to hell Inshallah.God never forget him. We hate yazeed.

   Hazrat Imam Hussain A.S

       Hazrat Imam Husain is the grand son of Hazrat Muhammad Peace be Upon him. His grand gather name is Abu Talab he was the care taker and uncle of Hazret Muhammed pbuh and father name is Hazret Ali as. Mother name is Hazret bibi Fatima.

Brother  name is Hazret Imam Hassan as. He grow in the supervision of these great great and noble personalities. Hazret Imam Hassan as and Hazret Imam Hussain as  are the prince of Jannat. Their family is owner of Jannat. This is Quran said  


Imam Hussain as go to perform Haj with his family and friends. Women and children are with him. Total 72 people with him . Yazid does not allow them to perform Haj. Imam Hussain as changed their Haj into Umrah. After performing Umrah they start travelling to Kufa because people of Kufa write many letters to Imam Hussain as thar please come to kufa. When they reached Iraq one place where the horses stoped. Imam asked peoples what place is it? They said the name this place is Ninawa also people said this place kurbla. Imam purchase this place and stay their.

River frat float near this place. After few days he saw the army of Yazid which include 1000 man came here and made camp there. Imam welcomed them and give them and their horses water and meal. Army commander Hur said Imam that he want to kill him. Yazid orderd them.


Muharram – Imam smile and said to his companions Yazid killed him. Imam Hussain said his friends to leave him. But all refused. Even the night of Ashura Imam off the light and said them go. But nobody leave. They loved him. They said our souls are for you. We always with you and we never leaves you alone in this situation . Imam know the situation very well because Hazret Muhammed pbuh tell Althing’s about it. They know Yazid can not do mercy in his family
Yazi was merciless. He fight his family and friends one by one mattered. Hazret Abbas Hazrat Ali Akbar son of Imam Hazret Ali Asger a seven month old babby son of Imam Hussain. Hazret Qasim son of Imam Hassan nephew of Imam Hussain fourteen years boy. Hur leave the Yazid and he go with Imam and morterd by yazeedi force.


Habbib was an old man fight very bravely. At the Imam give all his dears in the way of Islam and for Allah. He was alone to go for battle. His sister Bibi Zainab helped him to ready for battle and helped him to sit in zuljana. He go for battle. He fight very bravely but at aser time a voice came to him Ai Hussain stop fight and pray Imam leave zuljina and go into sajda. Yazeedi run and used all things which gave pain to Imam shimmer came to Imam and cut his neck with knife. He stand his head into naiza.

Imam perform quran in the naiza. Yazeedi burn the tents. And prisoned all the bibies. Karbla gave new birth to Islam in Muharram. Hussain live for ever he save Islam he save qulma. He save the Muslims. Hussain live in our hearts. We in muharum performed azadaari. It continuously stand for ever Inshallah. After us our childes stand for Hussain. And then their childes. Azadari is in our blood.

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