Respect the Poor People they deserve it

Do you believe that a poor man have respect. Any body trust him. His friends his family any body. The answer is NO A BIG BIG NO nobody trust him. This is true a bitter truth of life. If you have money in your pocket. A luxury car u have. You wear branded suit . Everyone give you respect you insult them you have no way of talk you are fool  but if you have money you are all in all. You look intelligent you look smart. You talk foolish but nobody mind.

Exploited Children

Your exploited children looks innocent to all. This is the miracle of money you have in your pocket. Every one interduce you he is my cousin he belong by whom to whom. They interfused their selves. Sir do you recognized me we met their or their or their.

A big truth of Society

This is the very big truth of our society. Even though parents behavior changed. One child earn much and another so so. Parents love their those children who have money. Sisters and brothers behavior changed. Nobody want to meet needy relatives. May be the poor one asked for help. If the poor person take care someone the other said he want help or something else. In functions of family first of all they forget to invite the needy person and if they invite their behavior is pain full.

What they gave?

They give him chair in the last row with their family. Every one pass the smile but nobody sit near them. The poor dead in their selves they felt all the behaviors of others. But do not talk anybody because if they say something the family who invite them say look they are jealous.


They had no manners. Is money is every thing. Feelings self respect of poor man is not important. That’s why our low standard relatives feels money is every thing.  Do you realize you sad others. Maybe, he hurt and Allah listen to him very closely then what you should do. Every thing is in God’s will. He said KUN means do and every thing is done.

May be God give them a lot what should you do. Please respect others although he rich or poor. You broken hearts to the other by your actions. God know every thing. And God listen quickly if the heart broken or hurtled soul. I saw many people dont bother it they hurt others by their one sentence or one act.
    Every soul made by God. God give mind and heart. Do you think God liked it. God says helped the neediest. Take care of others. Other side we are Muslims belong to Islam. Islam does not like divisions. Islam says every one equal nobody better then others. Namaz is the example .


In Ramzan every Muslims take fast in the same time. In haj every one insane dress named Ahram. A white piece of cloth. Then who we are to make divisions. Help others love others. This is our duty given by God and Hazrat Muhammad peace be upon him.
Allah is every where. God is in their people. Respect others.

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