Love Story of a Man and Women

Love Story – This is the story of a man and woman not girl and boy because they are not teenagers they are MAN AND WOMAN. They spend most of their lives. In that stage of life when people are matured they fall in love with each other.

Where Love Story started?

The man name (suppose) x and woman name is y. X and y belongs to most illtreat and foolish families. Both of the families think I am the best family. Mostly habits are familiar to both families. When they knows about x and y love they both act similar. They both play that role which most of Bollywood and Lollywood filmi parents act. They both said NO this marriage will not happened If they want to married then over their bodies after death. Both said we kill you but not accept this marriage.

Their Families

X and y also belong to that families how can they think maturely. Obviously their decisions is like their families. They married but not announced the marriage. One day the mother of x arrange her marriage with their brother in law’s brother without x permission. Even the engagement rings transfer to each other.

Now the sister of x is also involved with 3 children. X and y was so worried because they already married. Now they think what to do. They came to their mutual friends office and said them give them some advice. Their first shocked and said are you fool. But actually they are big fool. But he ready to help both.

First of all he went to meat x mother and father. When he told them that x get married to y they both were very angry. But what was he do Nothing. They ready to marry. But y ‘s parents disagree. They think they are son’s parents and nothing worse things happened. Now x’s family threat y marry her daughter otherwise they broken his bones.


Love change into fear. He ready to married x officially. X family invited some relatives and marriage ceremony held in very high standard hotel. You all said why. Relative were uneducated and simple. They all live un small village. When they came in that hotel they forget the marriage ceremony to saw that wonderful hotel and food. Even they not ask any question.

Finally Marriage

Marriage ceremony completed happily. X and y go to their house which x get in rent. They have nothing to live. Second day of marriage both fight each other. On that day till this day they both fight to each other. Love gone somewhere .
The x and y still married still fight.
Now you people tell what should the do

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