Comparison between girls and boys in 2020

Comparison between girls boys – In our society people think that boys are better then girls means daughter is responsibility. Son make family. If in a family somebody has 4 daughters the society always thinks that Oh! what a bad thing happened.  Oh what a poor man four responsibilities over their shoulders.

Society | Comparison between girls boys

The man also belong to this society he always blame their wife. She did all the things.  Is she God she made daughters and sons. They even not educated the daughters. They always think about marriages. In teen age when she is innocent they give her tough life as a married women.

Our Last Prophet ( S.A.W)

Our last prophet Hazrat Muhammed Peace be upon be says doughters are rehmut God give this gift to those people who deserve for Rehmat. Early age when Islam is not exist the buried alive their new born daughter .After Islam Hazrat Mohmmad pbh take action of it he stop this nonsense. They teach people girls are not burden they are not less then boys.

Equal Rights

They have equal rights. If the boy have right to study girls also. In heritage law in Islam girls have the rights and nobody challenge it. Not society not law. 
    Now people thinking is change. But not all society. They loved their daughters. Give them education . Give them proper diet. Proper facilities of life. Girls are handworkers. The average rate of education is increased in girls. Girls had better results. First positions always lead by girls. Girls are not less then boys. The girls can fly airplane. They work in important departments like police courts  banks they can drive trucks example is Zahida khatun.

Work Ethics

They run factories most they are business women even they run their business very smartly. They are in media. Girls work every where in every part of lives. They support their parents better then sons. Girls have double duty in their lives. If she working lady she did her job at office time. But after office time she control her house matters.

Daily life of a girl

Cooking washing even she take care of her children. She did her all the responsibilities  very well. In villages the duty of women is very tough. She take care of her house. Also take care her animals. Wash cows take milk from cow and feed the animals. It is also her duty to work in fields. Even woman belong to city or village her life is so difficult.


The place from she work or house both are very hard challenge for her. She live very difficult life daughters fulfill their duties till the death. She take care her house husband children. Few people give respect and love to their wives. Most the people think it is her duty. She have to do this. Actually women did not know their rights. Law give them all type of protection but women did not know. Even women did not know the women police station is exist. Uneducated society finished every positive things.

The Moral

These things teach us please love to your daughters. Stand on her back when she start study when she work even when she married. Dont leave her alone. Respect your daughters. Love your daughters. She love you care for you. It is your duty to give her confidence to her self . And self respect also. She win all the stages of life tasks.

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