Starlink Pakistan Latest News – 2020 Fastest Internet Ever

Starlink Pakistan Latest News – As you know It’s an era of Internet and every organization in the world needs a high speed internet connection and a secure server. All this needs are just to manage the data which comes from very big data centers. Most of the companies are now using cloud based technologies. Like AWS, 104, Google Cloud, Azure etc.

Cloud Computing

Most of the companies now don’t use actual data centers they outsource their data centers there are multiple reasons for this. Most important of them is security. Having a out source data center is usually used because of a large amount of data to be managed on a cloud server and it becomes available for everyone on a device that get’s connected to internet.

Starlink Pakistan Latest News

It’s basically a satellite internet that is launched in my parts of the world. It’ll provide internet speed of up to a gigabyte per second. It’ signal ping of latency would be around 25ms to 35ms.

Cost of Star link

The starting cost of Starlink satellites will be around 80 dollars / month. You can also subscribe or signup to it’s demo testing program from their website. Initially Starlink will be available for Canadians & northern US. It will be available to normal public till 2021.

Can you see Starlink?

Yes you can see Starlink satellites from your rooftop. They’ll be in a line like a train that follows each other. You can see these 30mins before sunlight and 30mins after the sunset.

Will Starlink Replace 5g?

I don’t think so Starlink can replace 5g. But it’ll impact a-lot of service providers who are providing 5g because in presence of Starlink satellites the present service providers won’t be apple to use the satellites that are present for use the main reason for that is high ping. So they will make the 5G service affordable and reinforce the 5G.

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