Traffic of Lahore in 2020

Traffic of Lahore – Today I went to my sister in law’s house. She live Mustafa town Lahore and we are in Johar town Lahore. When we are on the way my husband call me and say to purchase a sim of Mobilink for him. He was busy that’s why he told me to take new sim. We go to jazz franchise. There are so many peoples are their  for their different task.

Security of Yourself

No body wear mask. Hand washers I dont know what is in this bottle. But ot is sanitizer because the staff said. Ok. We believe. The prize of sim is 100 but they give us in 200. We me and my son  activated  it and come to our car. Then we start travelling to Mustafa town.

Traffic in Local City

   Traffic wardens stop bikers and car  drivers . why because every man want to  drive fast and run the cars like Aeroplan. Bikers leave their lines and run motorcycles middle of the road no rules and regulations. Even they not worried about that cameras record their all actions. No body seen signals. Fast fast and fast. No fear they have in their hearts. In every signals beggars and transgenders available.


Most transgender were boys with heavy makeups. They knock the mirror of cars and asked for money. If you give them 40 or 50 they demand more money. Beggars another problem . Little boys and girls were in the road. These children have not fear of accident. They run and suddenly come in front of cars It is driver duty to safe them.

Risks of Traffic of Lahore

If accident happened their parents asked car owner for money. Not to safe for children . Money is every thing for them. I saw an old lady she took card and prescription of doctor and believe me since last year i saw her in that road with same prescription. Police cant do any thing. Their is no rules in our country to get rid of these  fake beggars. May be in these people one is truly  needy but how can we recognized.


Where is child protection burro. These children take injection Samad bounds  heroin they are addict. Mostly children were thief .They are in all the bad things. Who care them. This is not the work of common man. Govt should be responsible. They have to save these children . If not when these children grow they are criminals. In wrong hands they spoiled not even their lives but others too.  We are responsible nation. But we not response. We travel saw these things and avoid it. Is this good thing. But another hand we think what can i do for all this. I leave qustion for every one How can we solve this problem?

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