Problems of Middle Class Family of Pakistan in 2020

Problems of Middleclass Family – There are three major classes. We divided our society into classes. Upper class middle class lower class nut now we have another class is lower middle class. This class is played very important role .Mostly in these days we belong to lower middle class because of our income. We want to emerge in upper class. But they cant accept us and we do not want to mix in lower class.


Mostly peoples belong to lower middle class is very educated because we thought education is a key of success. We want that our children get study in modern private schools and there payments we cant afford that’s why we struggle all over our life and we manage things. We eat less we ignore all the necessities which is very important to spend standard life style.

Income – Problems of Middleclass Family

Mostly we are in rented houses. Small package of salaries. But we always try to give all facilities to our children. Good schooling good dresses car good food and healthy activities. We give them pocket money that suitable for their friends who belong to upper class.

Why we do this?
Answer is this that school is very high class and the student belongs to rich families. Our children need these facilities. We always compare ourselves to upper class and result is that we always remain in tension. Day to night struggle.

Damage to ourselves

Where we stand. Our personalities damaged by our own selves. We are always in pressure. Our mind remains in tension. Rent fees petrol academy branded dresses shoes mobile lap top and many other expenses pay is less and expenses are more then we earn. These all problem we create for our selves.


If the education system is equal for all of the people. We get rid of these problems. If we understand that God is every where God know what we want . Let the God decided. Try try again struggle for our children our home but not cheating others. We have to stand for our lives. Without us this country could not run. We are the pillars. We work all important places. Then why we under estimate our lives our personalities. We are brave .We are competent. We are educated.


We belongs good and honorable families. Then why we under control to others. This is our weakness. We have known our selves. Think that without us nothing is possible. I studied without any support of government and paid all the needs. We paid taxes. We cant gets loan from banks. The upper class get these facilities. They walk all their lives with artificial sticks.

Why we follow them?

We spend our lives with our own rules. If we understand this life. We don’t copy others what is in your lives that what you have Not less or not increase. Try to spend your lives with our own resources not to see others what they have and how many money they have in their pockets.
God always bless us if we 0 better and trust God. Lives will be easy. Happiness is the key of success. Free your mind always think positive. If some thing happened in your life may be it is good for u . Always work for better life. God never return hard work.


Be positive Be happy don’t trust other trust your selves. God bless our home our children and our country.♥♥♥♥

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