Trip to Abbottabad

So i was in class 10 my final year in school. Our principal decide to take a trip to Abbottabad there are many other options actually it depend on us that where we want to go on trip so these are the option :
• Murree

So we choose Trip to Abbottabad . So all of my friends agree to go on trip but one of my friend is not going because of some family issue. He wants to go with us but his family was going to Kashmir. So Furqan cancel the plan to go on school trip with us from few days before the trip.

Day Time

On the day when we are going to leave for Abbottabad our principal call me and some of my friends( Abdulrahman, Muzamil, Mahad, Saad, Shoaib, Bilal ) to school. We decide the timing about when we are going to leave Lahore and there are some work at school that we have to done. I was really excited about the trip because it was our last year in school and we are also seniors so no one going to say anything to us that dont go there dont do that we are going to have fun. So i packed my bags and getting ready to go school.

Reached School

Finally, I reached school at 11 o ‘clock the bus is going to arrive at 12:30pm. All of my friends gather around we have some fun at school. When bus arrived the first thing that was running in my mind was that we have to go sit on backseats of bus. I dont know why but we want to sit on back seats only. There are 3 busses because other campus is also going with us on this trip. We go to elite campus take some students from there and now we are back on our journey to Abbottabad. We are really excited about the trip that we dont even sleep any second while we are in bus. Secondly, Our next stop is Bhera. We stay there for at least half hour so we can get relaxed a little bit

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