Colors – All about colors in one place

Colors, beautiful creation of God. Without them this word is nothing. Think! If the flowers are blank then who said that flowers looks beautiful. Without them all the happiness of life is gone. Red rose the symbol of love. Yellow rose the symbol of hatred. If colors don’t exist what happened . I dont want to think about it.

Seven Basic Colors

Their are seven basic colors. Red, green, orange, blue, yellow, white and black. Just like these shades in our lives most events happened and these are the color of our lives. Color of happiness , disappointment, success, life , death all the path of our lives have different colors and we live in it without them life is so difficult. Secondly, When some new life came in to this word. Color of happiness spread on our lives our mind
If someone leave us then darkness come all our surrounding . These are things that teach us what is beauty and what is beast. Green grass is always the symbol of freshness

Eating Habits

Even in our eating habits. Vegetables in fresh beautiful shades seems good Green vegetables red tomatoes red meat golden wheat brown chocolate white milk All the things attract with their beautiful shade.
As you know, when we saw all-around us. Spread all over the word. Blue sea looks beautiful .even we spend all our lives in the beach. Moreover, Green trees different plants some are red some pink some blue God gave him such a nice beautiful colors . At last, Another side fishes live in sea rivers had different colors different shapes look beautiful.

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